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jib 1

1. Nautical A triangular headsail set with its luff fastened to a stay rising from the bow, bowsprit, or jib boom.
a. The arm of a mechanical crane.
b. The boom of a derrick.

[Origin unknown.]

jib 2

intr.v. jibbed, jib·bing, jibs
1. To stop short and turn restively from side to side; balk.
2. To perform tricks by jumping onto and maneuvering over fixed obstacles such as railings or platforms. Used especially of snowboarders and skiers.

[Origin unknown.]

jib′ber n.
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Big networks do have some good quality presenters/RJs but, down the line, the listener is tormented by the senseless and directionless jibber jabber of the presenters.
ISCANNED the gleaming hand pumps, proudly sporting the badges of powerful brews such as Merry Mount, Scottish Maiden and Jibber Jabber.
TAKE A JIBBER JABBER CLASS AND GET THEM TALKING With stories, singing and picture books, the language development and communication activities in Jibber Jabber work hand-in-hand with the principles of the Foundation Stage.
Oh my gosh loads of people were talking, so it was really hard to read with all that jibber jabber all the time.
Unimpressed by Sainsbury's grovelling apologies and generous gift vouchers, Jo has vowed to take her custom to Waitrose - where she will presumably jibber banalities on her mobile phone when she is doing her weekly shop.
He promises the show will be "filled with gags, opinions, deft observations and some silly voices" as he spouts "inspired jibber jabber".
Friday SEAN Lock spouts some "inspired jibber jabber", as purple van man, a more colourful, deftly observant and comedic version of the self-opinionated road-hogging stereotype that is white van man.
The Mayan 'Long Count' calendar runs out on Friday, which New Age jibber jabberers have widely predicted means an Apocalypse.
As he strains to decipher the meaning of the birds' song, his own voice is reduced to senseless jibber and rendered literally barbarous: "What are you saying?
Jason Alba, CEO, Jibber Jobber, LLC and a LinkedIn Expert at I'm on LinkedIn-Now What?