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A loose, long-sleeved, full-length overgarment worn by Muslim women.

[Arabic jilbāb; see glb in Semitic roots.]


(Islam) a long robe covering the head worn by some Muslim women
[from Arabic]
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The book provides three chapter-length studies of hijab in Tehran, Iran; jilbab in Yogyakarta, Indonesia; and tesettEr in Istanbul, Turkey, with a final chapter on commonalities of pious fashion across cultures.
Besides that, we have prepared sembako, sarong cloth, jilbab, and so on.
Her head was wrapped in a black cloth and she wore a baggy jilbab of the same color.
Un homme soupconne d'etre un dealer a ete interpelle a Marseille par deux policiers vetus d'un qamis blanc et d'un jilbab noir des tenues traditionnelles musulmanes, qui ont ensuite ete aides par un troisieme agent en uniforme, rapporte France 24.
She has founded her own publishing house, Asma Nadia Publishing; she has adapted several of her books into films, such as Emak ingin naik haji (Mother wants to go on the hajj, 2009) and The jilbab traveler (The veiled traveler, 2016); she sells fashion-conscious Muslim dress; and she has created numerous community libraries, which are known as rumah baca Asma Nadia.
Recent examples where this has been held justified include a nursery objecting to a Muslim employee wearing a full length jilbab considered a tripping hazard, and a teacher prevented from wearing a full veil where this impacted on her interaction with students.
When I was in grade six, I used to wear a jilbab or coloured abaya.
According to the hospital CCTV, one of the group members was dressed as a pregnant woman wearing the Hijab and Jilbab (Islamic dress code), and another faked being a patient on a wheel-chair to infiltrate the people at the hospital.
The Western sense of dress is more apparent in the changing styles of men, who relinquished the traditional jilbab and tarboosh for pants and shirts.
The prospective employee was a Muslim who wore a jilbab - a full length garment covering the body from neck to ankles.
Jilbab or veiling is one of the ways in which Acehnese women express their identities and agencies.
There are specific rules that Muslim women should abide by, one of which is wearing the jilbab headscarf in everyday life.