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Verb1.jingle-jangle - make a sound typical of metallic objects; "The keys were jingling in his pocket"
make noise, noise, resound - emit a noise
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A baker's cart had already rattled through the street, chasing away the latest vestige of night's sanctity with the jingle-jangle of its dissonant bells.
Crosby, who was one of the founding fathers of the West Coast, jingle-jangle sound when with the Byrds, faltered on the odd harmony, but we can forgive him that.
Matt Damon also has fun as LaBoeuf, portraying the Texas Ranger as a pompous oaf, complete with fancy buckskins and spurs that jingle-jangle and described by Mattie as "a rodeo clown".
Well, from the indie jingle-jangle of The Only One I Know and the Hammond-driven Country Boy, to the Motown-esque Who We Touch - every song was received like an old friend who had just returned home.
The looped, icy sounds of a mechanical jingle-jangle (bringing to mind the blade) emanated from above.
They were recently proclaimed to be "officially the most exciting band in Scotland" by those trendsetters at the NME who also said of their single K OK "like summer bursting out of a fruit and barley bottle, 'K OK' is the most perfect jingle-jangle pop anthem we can imagine being penned".
He's clearly a brilliant journalist with his Northern Rock and HBOS scoops, so why the need for peculiar up and down jingle-jangle delivery?
In a jingle-jangle world of cell phones, Internet spam and too many television channels, step back in time to the simple pleasure of a creamy root beer float.
He rattles off a series of optimistic but very unlikely "What if's," with a warm, friendly voice and inviting, electric guitar jingle-jangle.
This lovely retro-pop agglomeration has continually expanded its sonic repertoire, embracing big, horn-laden, Fabulon tinged rave-ups as ably as assimilating Merseyside jingle-jangle, prime evidence their remarkable 2000 release The Discovery of a World Inside the Moone.
It has bells and mirrors and he just loves to jingle-jangle it.