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Jingle lent the aid of half-a-dozen ordinary men at least.
Jingle uttered a patronising 'Hear, hear,' which was responded to by the remainder of the company; and the glasses having been filled, the vice-president assumed an air of wisdom in a state of profound attention; and said--
Jingle, were, each in his turn, the subject of unqualified eulogium; and each in due course returned thanks for the honour.
The rattle and jingle of glass went on indefinitely in front of the long Treasury building - and time itself seemed to stand still.
They shouted at each other in the jingle with comparative cheerfulness.
Paper money may deceive the ignorant, but nobody is deceived by tokens of base metal that have no value but merely jingle.
Jingle, jingle, went the shillings, as handful after handful was thrown in, till, plump and ponderous as she was, they fairly weighed the young lady from the floor.
The 'Memoirs of an Alcoholic,'" I sneered--or, rather, John Barleycorn sneered; for he sat with me there at table in my pleasant, philanthropic jingle, and it is a trick of John Barleycorn to turn the smile to a sneer without an instant's warning.
Well, I think I've got some things in mine that will make a pretty jingle in it.
ONCeSONG: The Jingles almost doubled their fund-raising target
Interestingly, the only new music that has come up recently is in the form of jingles done for advertisements.
Under the ribbon is the visible edge of white "rick rack" trim, as the ribbon ascends on her back, brass hawk bells have been added and compliment the brass jingles on the bottom of her dress.