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a. Jazz or swing music.
b. The jargon of jazz musicians and enthusiasts.
2. Slang Deceptive, nonsensical, or glib talk: "the sexist, locker-room jive of men boasting and bonding" (Trip Gabriel).
v. jived, jiv·ing, jives
1. To play or dance to jive music.
2. Slang
a. To talk in an exaggerated, teasing, or misleading way.
b. To talk or chat: "You just jive in one big group, putting each other on, trying to top the last line" (Time).
3. (Usage Problem) To be in accord.
v.tr. Slang
To speak to (someone) in an exaggerated, teasing, or misleading way.
adj. Slang
Misleading, phony, or worthless: talking jive nonsense.

[Origin unknown.]

jiv′er n.
jiv′ey, jiv′y adj.
Usage Note: The verb jive is often used in place of its near sound-alike jibe to mean "to be compatible, agree." The Usage Panel views this as a mistake. In our 2004 survey, 93 percent of the Panel rejected the sentence The two accounts of the incident didn't quite jive.




adj, -vier or -viest
jazzy, lively
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Some of the partnering momentarily imparted a jazzy, jivey feel, but also a basic disconnection.
August Richards), a jivey hip-hopper - all believe they've been in contact with alien visitors.
It has a pop influence; certain numbers have a twenties flavor, there's a big Charleston, a piece called `Wild, Wild Party,' based on the history of the Bible, that's a sort of Harlem-choiresque gone jivey.