job control language

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1.(Computers) A programming language used to specify the manner, timing, and other requirements of execution of a task or set of tasks submitted for execution, especially in background, on a multitasking computer; a programming language for controlling job{7} execution. Abbreviated JCL.
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By itself, the SIA software which handles communications facilities so that remote terminals devices can be used for direct interfacing with the 6600 operating system would be of little value if the development of job control languages, such as CLEAT had not provided some foundation for SIA's claim to be developing 'user oriented software'.
ASG-becubic handles information about application components constructed in more than 100 different technologies, including: programming, command, and job control languages, teleprocessing monitors, screen generators, middleware, database management systems, and schedulers.
Engineers and scientists who utilize PBS Professional are more productive, because they can focus their attention on their analyses, rather than on the need to remember various application- and operating systems-specific job control languages.