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intr.v. job-hunt·ed, job-hunt·ing, job-hunts
To look actively for suitable employment.

job hunter n.


to seek employment; look for a job.
job′-hunt`er, n.
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Get the Job You Want in IT: Insider Strategies for a Successful Job Search Campaign" is a guide for the job hunter who wants to be prepared to find the job they are looking for and how to land the employment.
In their free 25 minute video, ITS reveals all of the major points a job hunter should know about the job market and some major new innovations in this field.
Mr Hartley's video, Ernie Hartley: The Job Hunter, is at www.
2| Become a skilled job hunter Successful job seekers know what they want, understand the swings in the market and know how to present themselves.
This is an exceptional gift-giving guide to help that job hunter know he's not alone.
A JOB hunter was arrested after using his own police 'wanted' letter at a job interview.
While overall competition for jobs has increased, the Internet was not used as a resource that would give a job hunter an edge.
Was he not the most envied individual, a job hunter in hot demand?
Almost every job hunter is chasing the limited number of advertised job openings at the same time as everyone else.
One job hunter who lied said: "I described a period of unemployment as 'freelancing'.
There is no living job hunter who hasn't been through at least one interview from hell, although what made it hell varies.
And job hunter s now out number advertised vacancies across Yorkshire and Humber by 10 to one.