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In 1984 she made Cheltenham Gold Cup history by becoming the first jockette to ride in the race, albeit on 500-1 shot Foxbury.
Chantal Sutherland is not only a striking television personality and model but a strong, skilful, and persuasive jockette capable of coaxing the very best from any mount and certainly not without a chance in this ten-million-dollar classic.
Her worst fears are realised when Ginger brings out his least favourite word - jockette - but some business with a cup of tea and biscuits distracts and defuses.
I do hope he'll overlook the fact that she is one of the whingeing Jockette journos he and T.
Jay senses his friend didn't commit the crime, but this tragedy is deflected in favor of a more interesting--if extremely unlikely--mating of Jay and Wendy, who belongs to the jockette camp, but can't help feeling drawn to the Bad Boy.
It was so sanitised it made Bambi look like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and even included jockette Hayley Turner answering Frankie's plea to get off the rails with 'I'll let you out when you're ready if you're going really well.
Sanaa Lathan, until now an adequate place-holder in buppie comedies (``The Best Man,'' ``Brown Sugar'') and jockette romances (``Love and Basketball''), makes a memorable femme fatale out of the enticingly pronounced Ann Merai Harrison.
Beating the boys at what is perceived to be their own macho game was American jockette Julie Krone's pastime.
Princess Anne's 21-year-old daughter and Johnson, 25, split after three years following a row over his flirtation with a jockette.
Or what about that jockette - what's her name - Kylie Turner?
The kids are your usual precocious brood - ace jockette Shannon (Cristina Kernan), conniving Max (Martin Spanjers), adorable Jake (Mitch Holleman) and a baby.
Charissa Saverio, the disc jockette in question, delivers a chunky, funky slice of dancefloor action which positively shimmers with vim and vigour.