jog along

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w>jog along

(= go along: person, vehicle) → entlangzuckeln
(fig) (person, worker, industry)vor sich (acc)hin wursteln (inf); (work)seinen Gang gehen
References in classic literature ?
But of men--I have known one man indifferent well for over forty years, have exulted in him (odd to think of it), shuddered at him, wearied of him, been willing (God forgive me) to jog along with him tolerantly long after I have found him out; I know something of men, and, on my soul, boy, I believe I am wronging you.
No; stay with him, and we'll jog along to the quarry.
He did not care to jog along and, being unusually able and fit, on the fourth day earned two dollars.
She said of the snap: "I usually jog along the coastal path every day but I'm never able to take a good picture, so I decided I'd walk and take my camera.
That's exactly what a 16- year- old runaway boy did on Wednesday morning, scaling the airport wall and taking an unchallenged half- hour morning jog along an active runway.
The route is a jog along the last two miles of the Half Marathon course leaving from the Pier Head, and then back again.
15am - Jog along the Cynon Trail to Abercynon, then onto the Taff Trail ?