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jog 1  (jg)
v. jogged, jog·ging, jogs
1. To move by shoving, bumping, or jerking; jar: a rough wagon ride that jogged the passengers.
2. To give a push or shake to; nudge: jogged her dozing companion with her elbow.
3. To rouse or stimulate as if by nudging: an old photo that might jog your memory.
4. To cause (a horse) to move at a leisurely pace.
1. To move with a jolting rhythm: The pack jogged against his back as he ran.
a. To run or ride at a steady slow trot: jogged out to their positions on the playing field.
b. Sports To run in such a way for sport or exercise.
a. To go or travel at a slow or leisurely pace: The old car jogged along until it reached the hill.
b. To proceed in a leisurely manner: "while his life was thus jogging easily along" (Duff Cooper).
1. A slight push or shake; a nudge.
2. A jogging movement or rhythm.
3. A slow steady trot.

[Perhaps alteration of Middle English shoggen, to shake, move with a jerk, perhaps alteration of shokken, to move rapidly, from Middle Low German schocken, to shake.]

jogger n.

jog 2  (jg)
1. A protruding or receding part in a surface or line.
2. An abrupt change in direction: a jog in the road.
intr.v. jogged, jog·ging, jogs
To turn sharply; veer: Here the boundary jogs south.

[Variant of jag.]

jog (dʒɒɡ)
vb, jogs, jogging or jogged
1. (intr) to run or move slowly or at a jog trot, esp for physical exercise
2. (intr; foll by on or along) to continue in a plodding way
3. (tr) to jar or nudge slightly; shake lightly
4. (tr) to remind; stimulate: please jog my memory.
5. (Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) printing (tr) to even up the edges of (a stack of paper); square up
6. the act of jogging
7. a slight jar or nudge
8. a jogging motion; trot
[C14: probably variant of shog to shake, influenced by dialect jot to jolt]

jog (dʒɒɡ)
1. a sharp protruding point in a surface; jag
2. a sudden change in course or direction
[C18: probably variant of jag1]

jog1 (dʒɒg)

v. jogged, jog•ging,
n. v.t.
1. to move or shake with a push or jerk.
2. to stir into activity or alertness, as by a reminder: to jog one's memory.
3. to cause (a horse) to go at a steady trot.
4. to align the edges of (a stack of sheets of paper) by gently tapping.
5. to run at a slow, steady pace.
6. to ride at a steady trot.
7. to go with a heavy or jolting motion.
8. to go in a desultory or humdrum fashion (usu. fol. by on or along).
9. a shake; slight push.
10. a steady trot, as of a horse.
11. an act or instance of jogging: to go for a jog.
12. a jogging pace.
[1540–50; perhaps b. jot to jog (now dial.) and shog to shake, jog (late Middle English shoggen)]
jog′ger, n.
jog2 (dʒɒg)

n., v. jogged, jog•ging. n.
1. an irregularity of line or surface; projection; notch.
2. a bend or turn.
3. to bend or turn: The road jogs to the left there.
[1705–15; variant of jag1]

Past participle: jogged
Gerund: jogging

I jog
you jog
he/she/it jogs
we jog
you jog
they jog
I jogged
you jogged
he/she/it jogged
we jogged
you jogged
they jogged
Present Continuous
I am jogging
you are jogging
he/she/it is jogging
we are jogging
you are jogging
they are jogging
Present Perfect
I have jogged
you have jogged
he/she/it has jogged
we have jogged
you have jogged
they have jogged
Past Continuous
I was jogging
you were jogging
he/she/it was jogging
we were jogging
you were jogging
they were jogging
Past Perfect
I had jogged
you had jogged
he/she/it had jogged
we had jogged
you had jogged
they had jogged
I will jog
you will jog
he/she/it will jog
we will jog
you will jog
they will jog
Future Perfect
I will have jogged
you will have jogged
he/she/it will have jogged
we will have jogged
you will have jogged
they will have jogged
Future Continuous
I will be jogging
you will be jogging
he/she/it will be jogging
we will be jogging
you will be jogging
they will be jogging
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been jogging
you have been jogging
he/she/it has been jogging
we have been jogging
you have been jogging
they have been jogging
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been jogging
you will have been jogging
he/she/it will have been jogging
we will have been jogging
you will have been jogging
they will have been jogging
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been jogging
you had been jogging
he/she/it had been jogging
we had been jogging
you had been jogging
they had been jogging
I would jog
you would jog
he/she/it would jog
we would jog
you would jog
they would jog
Past Conditional
I would have jogged
you would have jogged
he/she/it would have jogged
we would have jogged
you would have jogged
they would have jogged
Thesaurus Legend:  Synonyms Related Words Antonyms
Noun1.jog - a sharp change in direction; "there was a jog in the road"
angular shape, angularity - a shape having one or more sharp angles
2.jog - a slow pace of runningjog - a slow pace of running              
locomotion, travel - self-propelled movement
dogtrot - a steady trot like that of a dog
3.jog - a slight push or shake
push, pushing - the act of applying force in order to move something away; "he gave the door a hard push"; "the pushing is good exercise"
Verb1.jog - continue talking or writing in a desultory manner; "This novel rambles on and jogs"
proceed, continue, carry on, go on - continue talking; "I know it's hard," he continued, "but there is no choice"; "carry on--pretend we are not in the room"
2.jog - even up the edges of a stack of paper, in printing
square - position so as to be square; "He squared his shoulders"
3.jog - run for exercise; "jog along the canal"
athletics, sport - an active diversion requiring physical exertion and competition
run - move fast by using one's feet, with one foot off the ground at any given time; "Don't run--you'll be out of breath"; "The children ran to the store"
4.jog - run at a moderately swift pacejog - run at a moderately swift pace      
run - move fast by using one's feet, with one foot off the ground at any given time; "Don't run--you'll be out of breath"; "The children ran to the store"
5.jog - give a slight push to
nudge, poke at, prod - to push against gently; "She nudged my elbow when she saw her friend enter the restaurant"
6.jog - stimulate to remember; "jog my memory"
provoke, stimulate - provide the needed stimulus for

1. run, trot, canter, lope, dogtrot He could scarcely jog around the block that first day.
2. nudge, push, shake, prod Avoid jogging the camera.
3. stimulate, remind, prompt, stir, arouse, activate, nudge, prod Keep a card file on the books you have read to jog your memory later.
run, race, rush, dash, sprint, gallop, spurt He went for another early morning jog.
jog [dʒɒg]
A. N
1. (= push) (gen) → empujoncito m; (with elbow) → codazo m
2. (= encouragement) → estímulo m
to give sb's memory a jogrefrescar la memoria a algn
3. (= pace) (also jog trot) → trote m corto
to go at a steady jogandar a trote corto
4. (= run) → carrera f a trote corto
to go for a jogir a hacer footing or jogging
1. (= push) → empujar(ligeramente)
he jogged my armme dio ligeramente con el codo
2. (= encourage) → estimular
to jog sb's memoryrefrescar la memoria a algn
to jog sb into actionmotivar a algn
1. (also to jog along) (gen) → andar a trote corto (fig) → hacer algunos progresos, avanzar pero sin prisa
2. (Sport) (also to go jogging) → hacer footing, hacer jogging
D. CPD jog trot N at a jog trota trote corto
jog along VI + ADV [vehicle] → avanzar despacio, ir sin prisa (fig) we're jogging alongvamos tirando
the work is jogging along nicelyel trabajo marcha bien

jog [ˈdʒɒg]
(= move slightly) → secouer
to jog sb's memory → rafraîchir la mémoire de qn
vi (= go running) → faire du jogging
to go jogging → faire du jogging
to go for a jog → aller faire un jogging
jog along
(= run slowly) → trotter
(= be on good terms)
We jog along comfortably together → Nous nous entendons bien.

vtstoßen an (+acc)or gegen; personanstoßen; he jogged the child up and down on his kneeer ließ das Kind auf seinen Knien reiten; he was being jogged up and down on the horsedas Pferd schüttelte ihn durch; to jog somebody’s memoryjds Gedächtnis (dat)nachhelfen or auf die Sprünge helfen; to jog somebody’s consciencejdm Gewissensbisse bereiten
vitrotten, zuckeln (inf); (Sport) → Dauerlauf machen, joggen; to jog up and downauf und ab hüpfen
(= push, nudge)Stoß m, → Schubs m, → Stups m; to give somebody’s memory a jogjds Gedächtnis (dat)nachhelfen
(= run)trabender Lauf, Trott m; (Sport) → Dauerlauf m; he broke into a joger fing an zu traben; she starts the day with a gentle jog around the parkfür sie fängt der Tag mit einem langsamen Lauf durch den Park an; to go for a jog (Sport) → einen Dauerlauf machen, joggen (gehen); to set off at a joglostraben

jog [dʒɒg]
1. vi (Sport) → fare jogging
2. vt (push) → urtare, spingere (fig) (sb's memory) → rinfrescare
to jog sb into doing sth (fig) → spingere qn a fare qc
3. n
a. (pace) (also jog trot) → passo lento di corsa; (of horse) → piccolo trotto; (run) to go for a jogandare a fare jogging
b. (push) → spinta, colpetto
jog along vi + adv (vehicle) → procedere con leggeri scossoni (fig) we're jogging alongsi tira avanti
the work is jogging along nicely → il lavoro procede senza altibassi

jog (dʒog) past tense, past participle jogged verb
1. to push, shake or knock gently. He jogged my arm and I spilt my coffee; I have forgotten, but something may jog my memory later on.
2. to travel slowly. The cart jogged along the rough track.
3. to run at a gentle pace, especially for the sake of exercise. She jogs / goes jogging round the park for half an hour every morning.
at a jog-trot
at a gentle running pace. Every morning he goes down the road at a jog-trot.

jog يُـمَارِسُ رِيَّاضَةَ العَدْوَ běhat jogge joggen κάνω τζόγκινγκ hacer footing hölkätä courir trčati correre ジョギングする 조깅하다 joggen jogge biec dla zdrowia correr бегать jogga วิ่งเหยาะ koşmak chạy bộ 慢跑

v.  correr acompasadamente como medio de ejercicio físico.

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