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 (go͞ot′n-bûrg′), Johann or Johannes 1400?-1468?
German printer whose Bible (c. 1455), produced by means of movable type, transformed European society by demonstrating the advantages of the printed word in making information available to large numbers of people.


(dʒəʊˈhæniːz) or


n, pl -nes
a Portuguese gold coin minted in the early 18th century
[C18: after Joannes (King John V) of Portugal, whose name was inscribed on the coin]
References in classic literature ?
And when the jeweller Johannes had just paid you 40,000 francs for the diamond I had given you, and you killed him to get the diamond and the money both, was that also poverty?
And the names that be upon their tombs, even unto this time, are Johannes Smithianus, Trumps, Gift, High, and Low, Jack, and The Game.
And above all the voices, that of Johannes de Molendino was audible, piercing the uproar like the fife's derisive serenade: "Commence instantly
WITH reference to letter from Adam Johannes re 'Shoot to Kill' (Feedback, November 23), Mr Johannes should be glad that he has never been in a position of having to do just that.
Reality TV star Olivia also revealed her husband Johannes Huebl attended The King's Hospital School in Dublin.
TAKAUD has announced the appointment of Johannes Van Der Dong, a renowned industry expert, as its Chief Investment Officer.
Early elections are scheduled for April next year, stressed EU Commissioner Johannes Hahn after meeting with the leaders of the four big parties in Macedonia.
Twenty-two years ago, when the Danish conflict expert Kim Johannes first arrived in Uganda, farming did not seem like a viable option at all.
With more than 15 years playing and working in the board-sports industry Johannes is now putting all his energy into the Kickstarter campaign to make his dream of - The Endless Ride - finally come true.
Vice Speaker of the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan Asiya Sasykbayeva met with the Vice President of the Bundestag of Germany Johannes Singhammer to discuss preparation for the upcoming elections.
THE STORY: In late 17th-century Amsterdam, a city defined by its wealth and repressive religion, 18-yearold Petronella (Nella) Oortman marries wealthy merchant Johannes Brandt, two decades her senior.