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john boat

 (jŏn′bōt′) or john·boat (jŏn′bōt′)
Variants of jon boat.

jon boat

or jon·boat also john boat or john·boat  (jŏn′bōt′)
A small flatbottom boat with square ends, used on shallow waterways.

[Probably alteration (influenced by the name Jon) of joe boat, variant spelling of jow boat, perhaps from Scots jow, to move with a rocking motion, from Middle English jollen, to stagger, knock, variant of chollen, to strike, perhaps from chavel, chaule, cheek; see jowl1.]


a small flat-bottomed boat


or john′ boat`,

a light, square-ended, flat-bottomed skiff.
[1900–05, Amer.; probably John (the given name) + boat]
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This is not the place to bring the fancy flats rig but is more suited to johnboats and kayaks.
Smaller skiffs and johnboats definitely have the advantage when working the smaller creeks.
The Mud Buddy Mini HD Sport line is perfect for small johnboats and hunters traveling alone or with a buddy.
Small skiffs and johnboats allow shallow water access and maneuverability.
TWO-MAN TACTICS Few hunters can master poling a half-ton boat, so they use smaller johnboats or canoes.
Big, sturdy sleds designed for the salt, man-powered skiffs ideal for secret sloughs, airboats for ice or skinny water and johnboats for everything else.
Flat bottom skiffs, shallow draft flats boats and even johnboats with tillers excel in this environment.
All other" includes canoes, dinghies, dories, johnboats, kayaks, lifeboats, paddleboats, sculls, skiffs, etc.
Slowly fading away, ancient Gulf mariners somehow still survive on the houseboats, johnboats, dinghies, barstools and tree-shaded folding chairs paradise hasn't yet grabbed.
Structurally speaking, the metal johnboats that Star Tank branched into bore some resemblance to the giant feed tanks it already was making.
Bass boats range from $30,000 fiberglass rockets that fly at 75 mph to leaky aluminum johnboats powered by an electric trolling motor.
While we have seen dozens of different pop-ups for johnboats, his telescoping design was unique.