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1. Law A joining of causes of action or parties in a single lawsuit.
2. The act of joining.

[From French joindre, to join, from Old French; see join.]


1. the act of joining, esp in legal contexts
2. (Law) law
a. (in pleading) the stage at which the parties join issue (joinder of issue)
b. the joining of two or more persons as coplaintiffs or codefendants (joinder of parties)
c. the joining of two or more causes in one suit
[C17: from French joindre to join]


(ˈdʒɔɪn dər)

1. the act of joining.
2. Law.
a. the joining of causes of action in a suit.
b. the joining of parties in a suit.
c. the acceptance by a party to an action of an issue tendered.
[1595–1605; < French joindre. See join, -er3]
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Closing of Amendment to Senior Secured Credit Facility The Authority also announced today that it entered into an Increase Joinder and Amendment Agreement (the "Amendment") with Citizens Bank, N.
The proposed class must be so numerous that joinder of each individual
The court looked to an insurance fraud case in which multiple joinder was allowed.
10) In these authors' model of lawsuit joinder and settlement, the equilibrium shows a "bandwagon" effect in which lawsuits by early-filing plaintiffs generate additional filings by others.
The number of persons composing the class must be so numerous that joinder of each individual plaintiff would be impracticable.
We are therefore of the view that joinder of the then prime minister and the then federal law minister is necessary to secure the ends of justice.
At the limit, aggressive joinder of accused infringers could blunt the caution-inducing effects of collateral estoppel, moving patentees toward a state of indifference as to the reason for any given loss.
concerns, improper joinder, and personal jurisdiction, to protect their
This indictment reflects the charges against all of the five accused as a result of the joinder decision of 25 February 2014.
This edition adds recent developments, including those related to subject-matter and personal jurisdiction, venue, pleading, class actions, joinder, preclusion, and the Erie Doctrine, and current amendments of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and federal statutes, including the Federal Courts Jurisdiction and Venue Clarification Act of 2011.
Merhi's defense team never formally opposed the joinder but has repeatedly insisted that it needs adequate time and resources to ensure its client's rights are upheld.
BRUSSELS, Feb 4 (KUNA) -- The trial chamber of the Sepcial Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) will hold a joint hearing on Tuesday, 11 February, to hear legal submissions from the prosecution and defence counsel for the four accused Ayyash, Badreddine, Merhi, Oneissi and Sabra, on the possible joinder of the case against a fifth accused Hassan Habib Merhi to the proceedings.