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The Ministry of Agricultural Development and Food Security has no plans to introduce joint ownership of Agricultural Service Centre (ASC) by farmer cooperatives.
Summary: Naypyidaw [Myanmar], October 23 (ANI): Myanmar will be launching its own satellite system MyanmarSat-2, which will be used on joint ownership system.
It includes joint ownership and operation of the barge, truck, and rail terminal at Cahokia, Illinois, with frontage on the Mississippi River, as well as a grain origination agreement.
Fox on Thursday (3/9) filed a request with the Commissionto continue its joint ownership of WWOR-9 in Secaucus, N.
In the event no employment is secured for the semi-submersible West Rigel unit and no alternative transaction is completed, the companies will form a Joint Asset Holding Company for its joint ownership.
Hoffmann Architects announces the acceptance of a joint ownership opportunity by three members of the firm's senior staff.
We need to take joint ownership for the development of our respective municipalities.
Hadjis, Partner, Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft LLP, will speak at the Knowledge Congress' webcast entitled “Understanding the Law of Joint Ownership of Patents - Right to Impede Infringement Suits in 2015 Live Webcast.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-May 28, 2014-Fastighets AB Balder enters into agreement for joint ownership with Coop Fastigheter for properties in Backaplan
The joint venture would have resulted in joint ownership of the facility by both firms along with the installation of state-of-the-art emission controls.
Summary: AJMAN -- Shaikh Ammar bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, Crown Prince of Ajman has approved the organisational structure of the Ajman Real Estate Regulatory Agency, or Arra, which is responsible for regulating real estate activities and joint ownership in Ajman and sets up policies and legislations to authorise real estate projects/investment buildings and oversees the implementation of these policies and other plans related to them.
Joint ownership is a concept that often sounds more reasonable in theory than reality permits.

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