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 (hə-hō′bə, hō-)
An evergreen dioecious shrub (Simmondsia chinensis) of the southwest United States and northern Mexico, having opposite, leathery leaves and seeds that yield an oil used in cosmetics and as a lubricant. Also called goat-nut.

[American Spanish, of Uto-Aztecan origin; akin to O'odham hohowai.]


(Plants) a shrub or small tree of SW North America, Simmondsia californica, that has edible seeds containing a valuable oil used in cosmetics
[Mexican Spanish]


(hoʊˈhoʊ bə)

n., pl. -bas.
a shrub, Simmondsia chinensis (or S. californica), of the southwest U.S. and Mexico, bearing seeds that are the source of an oil (jojo′ba oil`) used in cosmetics and as a lubricant.
[1920–25; < Mexican Spanish; ulterior orig. undetermined]


A. Njojoba f
B. CPD [shampoo, conditioner, oil] → de jojoba


[hoʊˈhəʊbə] njojoba m
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The present study was conducted to develop a protocol for in vitro propagation of Jojoba (Simmondsia chinensis) and to determine male and female regenerants through molecular markers.
This study was carried out to investigate the physiological effects of gamma radiation on Jojoba (Simmondsia chinensis) Arizona A42 variety seeds.
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It is formulated with amber crystals and jojoba beads, as well as potent antioxidants and effective moisturizers that translate into fresher, more radiant, younger-looking skin.
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