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adv.1.In a jolting manner.
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So down it came, into the delicate hands of a Fender Certified Professional Guitar Technician who wiped away any smudges and tuned it up making it ready for a joltingly jolly holiday delivery worth $4500.
Then he became more circumspect, joltingly so in fact for someone of his tender years.
It continued with two car accidents, a joltingly sudden and graphic knife attack, and to top things off, a torture sequence.
And the cycle continues, joltingly, of flight and bivouac, in an Egypt without bounds, without infant, without mother (pp.
The epistemophilic urge represented by this journey is heightened by Lynch's camera work at the entry to the Club: the subjective camera, centered on a blue-black alleyway, and traveling in a joltingly fast track toward the door, suggests both the erotics and anxiety of searching out what lies behind the door.
Jealousy rears its head, shattering friendship before mutual desire finally brings the threesome back together for a joltingly abrupt ending.
However, in most cases the sacred epigrams are arbitrarily, and sometimes joltingly, juxtaposed to typical secular epigrams on sexual matters and personal caricatures.
The ride was certainly sporty but not joltingly so, even on these neglected remote roads.