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 (jōnz) Slang
1. Heroin.
2. An addiction or craving.
intr.v. jonesed, jones·ing, jones·es
To have an eager or intense desire: was jonesing for caffeine.

[Perhaps from the name Jones.]


Family of American jazz musicians, including Henry (1918-2010), known as "Hank," a pianist best known as a member of the Columbia Broadcasting System house band (1959-1974); his brother Thaddeus Joseph (1923-1986), known as "Thad," a cornetist, flugelhorn player, and composer who wrote extensively for Count Basie's orchestra; and his brother Elvin Ray (1927-2004), a drummer best known for his work with the John Coltrane Quartet (1960-1965).


(ˈdʒoʊn zɪz) Idioms:
keep up with the Joneses, to compete socially with one's neighbors or associates, esp. by buying the things they have.
References in classic literature ?
Lucky for the players that the workers weren't Joneses.
They talked about each others' houses, and characters, and families--just as the Joneses do about the Smiths.
Commending Himes for his staunch critique of black middle-class accommodationism, Gayle asserts that "American tyranny and oppression have been directed not only at Blacks of little education or financial standing, not only at the Bigger Thomases, but at the Bob Joneses as well.