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informal South African a friend, often used in direct address
[from Afrikaans]
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Noun1.Jong - United States writer (born in 1942)
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com/north-korea-war-kim-jong-un-regimes-weapons-export-continues-despite-un-sanctions-2496408) Kim Jong-un and his deceased father Kim Jong II reportedly used fake Brazilian passports for visa applications to gain access to Western counties in the 1990s, Western Security sources told (http://www.
Kim Jong Un also addressed 'important instructions' for possible measures to maintain the atmosphere of conciliation and dialogue without offering more details.
Kim Jong -Un is a military commander without personal professional background and training.
By chance, Park Jong II, then a young assistant professor at a college in or near Daegu, was also visiting his former professor.
De Jong was signed to provide a functional United with a bit of offensive vision.
NORTH KOREAN leader Kim Jong Un has executed 70 officials since taking power in late 2011 in a "reign of terror" which far exceeds the bloodshed of his dictator father's early rule, South Korean officials said.
A think tank run by a group of defectors reckon the 31-year-old's youngest sibling, Kim Yo Jong, is now running the country as her brother battles a mystery illness.
HOLLAND will be without Nigel de Jong for the rest of the World Cup through injury.
The number of North Korean official reports on leader Kim Jong Un's activities this year reached 149, of which 65, 44 percent, involved the military, according to a tally as of Wednesday by Radiopress.
North Korea marked Wednesday the 67th anniversary of the founding of the ruling Workers' Party of Korea, the first since Kim Jong Un took power following the death of his father and longtime ruler Kim Jong Il in December last year.
KIM Jong Il's son and successor was declared "supreme leader" of North Korea's ruling party, military and the people during a memorial yesterday for his father in the first public endorsement of his leadership by the government.
Pinkston explica en el citado numero de julio de Asia Policy que con "ese movimiento se extendio el circulo cercano de la dinastia Jong y se acrecento la capacidad de tal institucion para manejar un rango mayor de asuntos de Estado".