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Despite these imperfections, Jook Right On is a valuable compilation and Pearson's organizational instincts largely serve the material well.
ENGINEERED ALBUM, NONCLASSICAL: - ``Oceano,'' Moogie Canazio; ``Peace Beyond Passion,'' Michael Krowiak, Bob Power and Rail Jon Rogut; ``Q's Jook Joint,'' Francis Buckley, Al Schmitt, Bruce Swedien and Tommy Vicari; ``Stardust,'' Dave Reitzas, Elliot Scheiner, Al Schmitt and Erik Zobler; ``Tambu,'' Elliot Scheiner, Al Schmitt and Bill Smith.
Surf Mode Enables Jooking From Anywhere: Jookster has a surf mode capability that enables users to Jook sites from anywhere on the Web.
He points out he could have had a CS gas canister up his jook, but he wasn't to be let loose at Glebe Park with a vessel from which you drink tea.
Anyway I thought I should have a jook about for a few wines that are nice and easy to drink so you can try this lark at home.
In Mules and Men she dramatizes her vulnerability by involving her character Zora in a knife fight in a seedy jook [that is, a bar] that she barely escapes unscathed.
If you're one of the multitude that made Quincy Jones' ``Q's Jook Joint'' album a success, get ready: Here comes ``Q's Jook Joint,'' the movie.
He is also planning a chain of nightclub-restaurants based on his album Q's Jook Joint, with the first slated to open in Las Vegas in 2009.
participating restaurants are Flying Chicken Pa-Dak, Food Picnic Day, Healthy Zone Jook Hyang, Jang Choong Dong Restaurant, Mister Bossam, O Jang Dong, and Soowon Galbi KBBQ.
You better shove a pillow up your jook," was her reply.
Jook Video has entered into a partnership with Iliad Telecom/Free, telecom service provider.