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Noun1.jook joint - a small roadside establishment in the southeastern United States where you can eat and drink and dance to music provided by a jukeboxjook joint - a small roadside establishment in the southeastern United States where you can eat and drink and dance to music provided by a jukebox
joint - a disreputable place of entertainment
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Its first single, the self-penned Feelin' for You, was inspired by a drunk in a jook joint in Mississippi she once visited.
They've also recorded music for Quincy Jones' CD ``Q's Jook Joint,'' for which they received a Grammy nomination, and the sound track for "Tank Girl"; produced a short live-action film, "Broom," which was nominated for an Academy Award; scored the Showtime film "Riot," and created the Emmy Award-winning special "STOMP Out Loud.
Jones invited Tamia to appear on his Q's Jook Joint album, and later the offers started to roll in.
Their Eyes Were Watching God," often acclaimed as Hurston's masterpiece, is perhaps the richest beneficiary of her work as a folklorist: its evocation of "picking in the jook joint, playing the dozens, and petitioning root doctors" offers a compelling synthesis of ethnological reality and lively characterization and setting.
Hollywood and Highland has also secured agreements with such successful entertainment entrepreneurs as Quincy Jones - who plans to open a restaurant/nightclub called Q's Jook Joint in the complex - and Peter Holmes a Court of theatrical producer Back Row Productions.
He waves his index finger like a baton, acknowledging his interviewer, as he winds up his telephone conversation about his latest album, Q's Jook Joint, on his Qwest/Warner Bros.
New nightclubs like Blue, Vynyl, the Beauty Bar, the King King Club, Daddy's and Quincy Jones' Q's Jook Joint will fill scenesters' agendas.
During leisure time, the workers tell tales, sing, and dance; I examine how the company both supervises and profits from the workers' time off at the jook joint.
Sunday's daylong festival at Gemmrig Park in Long Beach features West Coast pianist-singer Charles Brown, guitarist Smokey Wilson, lap steel player Sonny Rhodes, singer-pianist Deanna Bogart, vocalist King Ernest, ax 'n' harp duo Doug MacLeod and John (Juke) Logan, plus the Fatt-Back Bluesman & the Jook Joint Crew.
Music maestr'o Quincy Jones celebrates 50 years in entertainment with Q's Jook Joint (Qwest), a mythological musical journey that features a host of contemporary artists peforming to jazzy rhythms.