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n.1.See Jorum.
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Joram, who I had no doubt was her lover, came in and stole a kiss from her while she was busy (he didn't appear to mind me, at all), and said her father was gone for the chaise, and he must make haste and get himself ready.
Betty and husband Leonard sent PS18 a month for nearly two decades to the African Children's Choir to help give Joram Ndagga an education.
by joining person after person--a Joram or Caleb or Ehud
Their children and their spouses are Jubal and Anna Alford of Eugene and Joram and Carol Alford of Junction City.
The two women were shot and killed in the village of Dashk in the Joram district late Tuesday night, said the district police chief, Mirza Abdul Karim.
Both JOnAS and JORAM are hosted in the OW2 (ex ObjectWeb and Orientware) forge.
The scope of this film festival is astonishing, ranging from Jan SverEik's bittersweet comedy "Empties" and GyE[micro]rgy PEilfi's beautiful and disturbing murder drama "Hukkle," to Joram LE-rsen's warm and joyful romance "Love is All" and Ain MEneots's musical biopic "Taarka.
See Joram Mayshar & Shlomo Yitzhaki, Dalton-Improving Indirect Tax Reform, 85 AM.
6) Joram Mayshar and Yoram Halevy, "Shiftwork," Journal of Labor Economics: Vol.
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Shyamesh Kumar*, Joram Buza, Bindu Nanduri, Shane C.
Students estimating measurement are unlikely to apply a rule learned mindlessly by rote; successful estimation is likely to utilise the application of number sense (Hiebert, 1981, cited in Joram, Subrahmanyam and Gelman, 1998).