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n. Chiefly Canadian
A dialect of Canadian French characterized by nonstandard pronunciations and grammar, and the presence of English loanwords and syntactic patterns.

[Canadian French dialectal, variant of French cheval; see chevalet.]


(Languages) nonstandard Canadian French dialect, esp as associated with ill-educated speakers
[from the pronunciation in this dialect of French cheval horse]


(ʒuˈæl, -ˈɑl)

any of various regional or popular forms of Canadian French, taken to be substandard or to reflect lack of education.
[1960–65; representing a nonstandard pronoun of French cheval horse]
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There's game playing, gift giving, drinking, sexual foreplay, and the raucous sounds of French joual mixing with English.
De plus, lorsqu'ils chantent en francais, ils emploient plutot le quebecois populaire, utilisant le joual, les anglicismes et les jurons.
Chapter three, entitled "Quebec", concerns nostalgia, the sense of place, someone else's country, prejudice, joual (the idiom of working-class Quebecois), francophone communities and the Jews and the French.
Linguistically, Kerouac always led a double life; the idiom of his novels was American English but his imagination was joual.
41) "'Les Belles-soeurs' un evenement capital," Le Petit Journal, 10 March 1968; "Denise Proulx: c'est pour elle que Tremblay a ecrit ses 'Belles Soeurs' [sic]," Le Petit Journal, 25 August 1968; and Unsigned "Michel Tremblay: Le plus joual des auteurs ou vice versa [sic]," Digeste Eclair, 13 October 1968.
The term joual is derived from the claim that a typical accent of Quebec led to the pronunciation of the word cheval as "joual.
Encore une fois, les pratiques orales restent des plus importantes chez Winfried Siemerling, alors qu'il prete une attention particuliere au joual, ce << vernaculaire quebecois >> (203).
After all, Kerouac's first language was not English, it was a kind of Quebecois called Joual, which is a totally vocal language.
Moreover, 15 fevrier's modern dialogue, including plenty of joual, is one of several anachronisms that gives the picture raw immediacy and connects with its audience.
un 'black-dude' la, il est comme assimile, tse, il faut qu'il parle joual.