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Noun1.journal bearing - the bearing of a journaljournal bearing - the bearing of a journal    
bearing - a rotating support placed between moving parts to allow them to move easily
hotbox - a journal bearing (as of a railroad car) that has overheated
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They cover tribological materials: an ecosustainable perspective, preparation and tribology performance of biologically based ceramic particles from rice wastes, tribological behavior and tribochemistry of Ti3SiC2 in water and alcohols, modeling and analyzing the oil-film pressure of a hydrodynamic journal bearing lubricated by nano-based biolubricants using a D-optimal design, and the wear performance of polyester composite reinforced with oil palm seed fiber and aged in brake fluid solutions.
The authors also manufactured similar thin film sensors, and measured the distribution of the load to which the sliding surface of the main journal bearing was subjected.
Liu [16] designed the water-lubricated bearing test device which consisted of the housing seat, shaft, loading cylinder, and journal bearing and a set of mutually perpendicular displacement sensors was placed in the side of the tested bearing.
Though these parameters are difficult to control, it is important to consider these as noises while designing the Journal bearing.
Steady state behaviour of journal bearing has recently been investigated numerically by Kumar et al [3].
The pressure distribution law was obtained by solving the Reynolds equation in the case of a conical motion of the shaft in a journal bearing (Parausanu et al.
The Blackmer ProVane pump employs a hydrodynamic journal bearing that reduces shaft/bearing contact and minimises friction, which in turn leads to higher mechanical efficiency and energy savings.
Oerlikon Textile Components of Hammelburg, Germany (Temco) offers journal bearing assemblies and complete idler rollers for guiding lightweight nonwovens at high speeds such as on high-speed converting lines.
Felco Roller Compaction Buckets combine the compaction performance of a tamping pad roller design and a sealed journal bearing all within a regular duty mini-excavator sized bucket.
The technology eliminates friction losses through the crankshaft, connecting rod and journal bearing of an ordinary reciprocating compressor.
The object of this paper is to develop a theoretical model for the problem of an unaligned journal bearing, considering first the stationary case, and then the squeeze effects, induced by the angular velocities of the shaft.