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Noun1.journalist's privilege - the right of a journalist to refuse to divulge sources of confidential information
privilege - (law) the right to refuse to divulge information obtained in a confidential relationship
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Although the Fourth Circuit did not discuss the reasons for treating confidential and nonconfidential information differently, it did suggest that confidentiality was a requirement for a qualified journalist's privilege to exist in prosecution subpoena cases.
Fargo, The Year of Leaking Dangerously: Shadowy Sources, Jailed Journalists, and the Uncertain Future of the Federal Journalist's Privilege, 14 WM.
108) These courts agree "the civil litigant's interest in disclosure should yield to the journalist's privilege.
free press, anonymous sources and the journalist's privilege, copyright, access to government documents and meetings, broadcast regulation and indecency, and the case Citizens United v.
The court has shown an unprecedented lack of sensitivity to the journalist's privilege and the First Amendment.
Branzburg has had an ironic effect on the journalist's privilege in the lower courts.
The public will jettison the journalist's privilege in a heartbeat if it seems expedient or necessary to serve some "higher" public interest.
Fargo, The Journalist's Privilege for Nonconfidential Information in States Without Shield Laws, 7 COMM.
Legislatures likewise disagree; about two-thirds of the states have recognized a journalist's privilege of varying strengths, but the remaining states and the federal government have not.
Never before O has a court confronted with the journalist's privilege approved production of a body of work approaching the elephantine amount of material at issue here," Abrams wrote in the brief.
Unused film footage and other editorial materials from Crude are protected by the journalist's privilege under federal law and the First Amendment," said Maura Wogan of Frankfurt Kurnit, the lawyers for Mr.
The outcome in the Vanessa Leggett case could affect a journalist's privilege.

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