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n. pl. jour·neys
a. The act of traveling from one place to another, especially when involving a considerable distance; a trip.
b. A distance to be traveled or the time required for a trip: a 2,000-mile journey to the Pacific; the three-day journey home.
2. A process or course likened to traveling, such as a series of trying experiences; a passage: the journey from addiction to recovery.
v. jour·neyed, jour·ney·ing, jour·neys
To make a journey; travel.
To travel over or through.

[Middle English journei, day, day's travel, journey, from Old French jornee, from Vulgar Latin *diurnāta, from Late Latin diurnum, day, from neuter of Latin diurnus, of a day, from diēs, day; see diary.]

jour′ney·er n.
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Noun1.journeyer - a traveler going on a trip
traveler, traveller - a person who changes location
pilgrim - someone who journeys in foreign lands
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Reading through the descriptions, I was particularly struck by the powerful themes of warrior and journeyer.
8221; titled “What Is Intimacy with Spirit,” Pratt explores intimacy, radical acceptance, and how to cultivate the intimacy with spirit required for deep shamanic currents to move through your life and bring miracles to even the most basic, beginning journeyer.
The couple's journey demands a great deal of them because although tradition provides the route--the storied journeyer goes down into the unknown before coming back up--it does not supply all the means of getting to the end.
It was not just writers of travel narratives who obsessed on cannibalism: it was the very culture of the journeyer who harbored an obsession with the cannibal, an obsession that spoke profoundly about ethical positions, not only toward people, but, more broadly, toward the natural environment.
He released six editions of his album Journeyer, single edition of Volume 1 Euphonic (The Journey Continues), album Bollywood Breakdown and one Official Track (New Delhi).
The journey can be recorded with words, photographs, sounds, or whatever else the journeyer chooses and the records uploaded to a website.
My experiences with other psychedelics (including peyote, psilocybin, and ayahuasca) and other life-threatened individuals over the years, and working with indigenous healers in Mexico and the Amazon, has repeatedly evidenced how the letting-go process with mind-altering substances -- when used responsibly in supportive settings with experienced guides -- allows the journeyer to exercise what I call the "surrender muscles.
The "phase one" simply lays the foundations for the upcoming momentous task; preparing the journeyer for an eye-opening adventure.
Such a persona, whose gait is grounded in the sensible world and whose choices vacillate between the unreal and the absurd concrete, is portrayed in a type of poetry that Jerome Mazzaro characterizes as seeking : a kind of cosmic ingestion or embracing" (40), verse that depicts the human journeyer suspended between the inescapable earth beneath the feet and the substantial metaphysical reality that lies just beyond the outstretched embrace.
He connected and corresponded with scholars throughout the world and he brought them together into coalescence around the theme of the journey; both the collective journey of history, but with a special focus, at least, in Luigi's case, on the individual journeyer and his testimony.