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 (joust, jŭst, jo͞ost) also just (jŭst)
a. A combat between two mounted knights or men-at-arms using lances; a tilting match.
b. jousts A series of tilting matches; a tournament.
2. A personal competition or combat suggestive of combat with lances: a politician who relishes a joust with reporters.
intr.v. joust·ed, joust·ing, jousts also just·ed or just·ing or justs
1. To engage in mounted combat with lances; tilt.
2. To engage in a personal combat or competition.

[Middle English, from Old French juste, from juster, to joust, from Vulgar Latin *iūxtāre, to be next to, from Latin iūxtā, close by; see yeug- in Indo-European roots.]

joust′er n.
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All round the arena rose the cries of itinerant merchants: 'Iced malvoisie,' 'Score-cards; ye cannot tell the jousters without a score-card.
Against all odds, and in spite of the naysayers, Affable Dude's affair with Successful Jouster is going strong, thank you.
Tim gave us all of his historic photos for copying last year and he liked the one of himself dressed as a jouster taken in the 1970s," said Dr Baker.
After launching English Heritage's Medieval Knights Season by becoming the charity's latest jouster, she said the sport deserved a place at the Olympics.
Magician Jayne Townley, 48, and her husband Martin, 47, an amateur jouster, created their pile after moving in only a year ago.
Sarah takes part in competitions all over the world, and became the highest ranked female jouster in the world
FOR the first time ever, a female jouster is to take part in Kenilworth Castle's Grand Medieval Joust.
The first was the Forth Jouster Multi Cat 2611, a slightly smaller version of the 2712, and the second the 62 metre Anchor Handling Tug Supplier 75 Kingdom of Fife.
To cast aside in the manner of a spent medieval jouster, shedding armour, while crying 'mon dieu, je suis tres glad to get that bloody lot off
He spoke three languages, wrote poetry and at 6ft 3in tall he was the pre-eminent athlete of his generation, a brilliant jouster and archer.
ThE Norfolk annals were being scoured to recall the last time there was an Irishtrained winner on the North Denes after Jouster did the business in the 6f maiden handicap.
We're in a press room at Madison Square Garden in New York, where Shane Adams, the show's genial ringmaster and a champion jouster himself, has arranged to put on a demonstration at halftime during a bullriding event.