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adj. jowl·i·er, jowl·i·est
Having heavy or sagging jowls.

jowl′i·ness n.


adj, -lier or -liest
(of a person) having fat cheeks which hang down towards the jaw


(ˈdʒaʊ li; sometimes ˈdʒoʊ-)

adj. jowl•i•er, jowl•i•est.
having prominent jowls.
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Adj.1.jowly - having sagging folds of flesh beneath the chin or lower jaw
fat - having an (over)abundance of flesh; "he hadn't remembered how fat she was"


[ˈdʒaʊlɪ] ADJde mejillas caídas


adj to be jowlyHängebacken haben
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Tall, pale-skinned, her black, shoulder-length hair scraped straight back, sometimes pictured with a slight smile, the sister of North Korea's leader, Kim Jong-un, bears only a faint resemblance to her jowly, bristle-haired brother, who has made his isolated country the world's newest nuclear weapons state.
Yes he is adorned with jowly prosthetic makeup to transform him into his imposing subject matter, but his performance amounts to much more than just a gimmick-fuelled impression.
To get at the man beneath those cigar-puffing, jowly stereotypes, enhanced by makeup, Oldman spent four months researching and preparing for the role - watching footage, reading his many works and those of biographers like Martin Gilbert and even the politician Boris Johnson.
Early on we meet Kevin Currie, a major part of "The Organization," a guy "in his late forties getting slowly far and jowly.
And that's true literally as well as figuratively, as any oldster like me knows when forced to do Facetime, or, god help us, Skype (not to mention being caught in a shaft of unforgiving daylight or walking past a mirror and wondering who the jowly old trout is - oh, yes, that'll be me).
Brando created the rasping voice, jowly cheeks and oiled hair for Corleone in the screen test.
There are times you notice how a Hollywood leading man is looking a little chunky, a little jowly, a little used.
She said: "I was starting to look a bit jowly, which was not a look I wanted.
Nino Pernetti, the owner of Caffe Abbracci, a popular power-lunch spot in Coral Gables, Florida, where Murano glass sculptures stud the walls and Miami politicians fill the seats, noticed the changes immediately (an untouched bread basket; a less jowly face).
He's a big, jowly man who walks with a limp because of a grenade wound suffered in last month's offensive near here.