A person celebrating a jubilee.

[From Medieval Latin iūbilārius, of a jubilee, from Late Latin iūbilaeus, jubilee; see jubilee.]


a person celebrating their jubilee


(ˌdʒu bəˈlɛər i ən)

a person celebrating a jubilee, as a nun observing 25 or 50 years of religious life.
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Klein, and Craig Satterlee that were written to honor our jubilarian but that the covers of this issue could not contain.
WORCESTER -The city's three Roman Catholic bishops, in an unusual coincidence, celebrated jubilarian anniversaries Tuesday morning at St.
Why the root yam drops the causative formant when building its desiderative, as no other root does, is a question I would leave to answer for the jubilarian, who has successfully explained so many difficult verb formations.
Its Jubilarian Award was presented to Fremont Nantelle in appreciation of his 61 years of service as a Vincentian at St.
Deacon Philip Bedard, a permanent deacon from Taunton and nephew of the jubilarian, assisted.
A golden jubilarian in tha School Sisters of Notre Dame this year, Traxler continued, "The bishops are questioning, wondering.
When yesterday we entered the Society of Jesus, my fellow jubilarians tell me, we were setting forth on a journey for which there were indeed words--the love of God, the service of our fellow human beings, a vowed life in the church--but only a fairly shallow grasp of what they might mean.
The diamond jubilarians (60 years)are: Fr David Bullen,Canon James Commins,Fr Thomas Lambe and Father Cyril Thomas, all retired.
The golden jubilarians (50 years)are: Monsignor Richard Atherton (retired), Fr Brian Coakley (retired), Fr Wilfrid Flynn (retired), Fr Michael Gaine (retired), Monsignor George Mooney (retired),Fr Kevin Mulhearn (St Joseph's Wrightington),Fr Michael Reilly (St John theEvangelist, Kirkdale),Canon Albert Shaw (retired),Fr Gerard Snape (retired).
In spring 1956 the two today's jubilarians, Aili Kogerman and Ivar Rooks, graduated from Tallinn Technical University (Tallinn Polytechnical Institute), the Faculty of Chemistry and Mining, the department of chemical engineering of fuels.
In another case, three clerical jubilarians left a retirement party early because all were presiding at Saturday evening Masses.