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n.1.One who judges.
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Currently, JA and Judger Group plan for 15 "doors" - both stand-alone stores and shops within high-end retailers - to be opened by the end of 2008, including flagship stores in Shanghai and Beijing.
Judger Belvin Perry told jurors Monday that attorneys had asked that Anthony be examined for mental competency in order for the trial to proceed, (http://www.
But then the animal and the house began as well a victor's merging, sex getting it right in the bathroom, hunger spreading her Pluck all over the kitchen, the living room wallpapered in demur, my wife and her lover whispering, the judger in lust with the betrayer, the other gaining the other, sex with the self all soddened and into a stranger.
You will also practice how to handle Thinker, Feeler, Perceiver, and Judger personality types as you approach the commercial and technical buying influences.
Prosecutors across Missouri will now decline to bring charges against felons or others who violate gun crimes, for fear that a court will throw out the law like Judger Dierker did today.
He was yesterday jailed by a judger at Birmingham Crown Court for seven years after being convicted of conspiracy to steal at an earlier hearing.
The insight gained from this tool helps me understand that should I instead take the Judger Path; it is important to identify this and switch to ask the best questions to make the right decisions.
A keen stock judger in his youth, his successes include winning the Dairy Stock Judging at the London Dairy Show in 1958, and he represented Wales on numerous occasions, judging both dairy and beef.
But although you cannot worship both God and Mammon, Moloch is not an alternative to God, Moloch is God: "heavy judger of men .
In the first respect, a clinical judgment is reliable when it would most likely be made again by a second competent, rigorous judger given the same data as the original judger.
Marty Staff, President and Chief Executive Officer of JA Apparel, said the Company has signed 4 licensing agreements with premier manufacturers, suppliers and distributors in recent weeks, including a master licensing agreement with Judger Group that will result in opening of 30 Joseph Abboud stores in China itself in 2008, with the number of stores expected to exceed 100 by 2013.
Dorion Cairns (The Hague: Martinus Nijhoff, 1969), 122: "Thus a distinction arises occasionally, even for the judger, between the supposed objectives as supposed .