judgment call

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judg′ment call`

1. a decision made by a referee or umpire in a sporting event that is based on personal observation of a disputed play.
2. any subjective or debatable determination.
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In the remainder of the paper, I analyze sequential situations in the NBA using play-by-play data to investigate the changes in probability of particular referee judgment calls following a recent judgment call on the opposing team.
Bad judgment is easy: it involves reading the situation or environment incorrectly, being stuck in an old paradigm, engaging the wrong people in the process and being too dogmatic as you make the judgment call.
Yesterday, the league described the controversial play as a judgment call.
West Midlands Ambulance Service has apologised - explaining that crews were dealing with a flood of 999 calls and that the control centre made a judgment call because the patient was breathing, conscious and indoors.
Military action is always a judgment call and messing with Serbia over Kosovo could quite as easily have gone hideously wrong.
It will have to be a judgment call before the game when we see what shape everyone is in.
Obviously, we are hoping to play him in some part of the game and really make a final judgment call at that stage.
This is necessarily going to be a judgment call," said retired Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen, the government official in charge of overseeing the response by BP to the catastrophe.
Businesses in Liverpool are making a judgment call on whether it's better for them to keep on chasing debts, or to invest their resources elsewhere.
Sir - At last a Health Minister in the Welsh Assembly listening and, making a wise political judgment call on the concerns of people in Wales in respect of access to drugs and therapies being denied them on the principle of finance.
Both involve an overload of testosterone, but you can count the victims of Clinton's extremely bad judgment call on one hand.
Students are exposed to a large body of information about which they must present judgment call in a succinct, well-organized manner.