judgment of conviction

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Noun1.judgment of conviction - (criminal law) a final judgment of guilty in a criminal case and the punishment that is imposed; "the conviction came as no surprise"
final decision, final judgment - a judgment disposing of the case before the court; after the judgment (or an appeal from it) is rendered all that remains is to enforce the judgment
murder conviction - conviction for murder
rape conviction - conviction for rape
robbery conviction - conviction for robbery
criminal law - the body of law dealing with crimes and their punishment
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The new law also states that the application for probation based on the modified decision shall be filed in the trial court where the judgment of conviction imposing a non-probationable penalty was rendered, or in the trial court where such case has since been re-raffled.
10, (McKinney 2005) ("In 1943 the Court of Appeals resurrected the ancient writ of coram nobis by which a person convicted of an offense could petition the trial court to exercise its inherent power to set aside the judgment of conviction on the basis of facts not disclosed prior to judgment due to duress, fraud or excusable mistake; which, had they been disclosed to the court, would have prevented entry of the judgment.
Membership in CalCPA shall be suspended should there be filed with the secretary of CalCPA a judgment of conviction imposed upon any member for:
Such notice shall be mailed within a reasonable time after a certified copy of a judgment of conviction of such criminal offense has been filed with the secretary of the Institute.
25) After an additional period of good behavior, (26) the court could issue an order "vacating" the judgment of conviction.
Even were [defendant's] Vienna Convention claim properly raised and proven, it is extremely doubtful that the violation should result in the overturning of a final judgment of conviction without some showing that the violation had an effect on the trial," Breard, supra note 33, at 377 (citation omitted).