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1. Of, relating to, or dependent on judgment: a judgmental error.
2. Inclined to make judgments, especially moral or personal ones: a marriage counselor who tries not to be judgmental.

judg·men′tal·ly adv.


(dʒʌdʒˈmɛntəl) or


of or denoting an attitude in which judgments about other people's conduct are made


(dʒʌdʒˈmɛn tl)

1. involving the exercise of judgment.
2. tending to make judgments, esp. moral judgments.
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Adj.1.judgmental - depending on judgment; "a judgmental error"; "I think that she is too judgmental to be a good therapist"
nonjudgmental - refraining from making judgments especially ones based on personal opinions or standards; "sympathetic and nonjudgmental"


adjective condemnatory, self-righteous, censorious, pharisaic, critical We tried not to seem critical or judgmental.


Based on individual judgment or discretion:


[dʒʌdʒˈmentl] ADJcrítico


[dˌʒʌdʒˈmɛntəl] judgemental (British) adj
to be judgmental [person] → être catégorique dans ses jugements
to be judgemental about sb → s'ériger en juge à propos de qn


adjwertend; don’t be so judgmentalnimm nicht immer gleich Wertungen vor, bewerte nicht immer gleich alles


adj crítico, reprobador
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It's so true that actually we can learn so much not only from our own pets but from animals around us because they are really less judgmental than we are.
Not any government of one person can change this, but us as a nation has to be more welcoming and less judgmental be it men or women.
Now trainers can create even higher levels of realism in a variety of marksmanship, judgmental and collective scenarios.
The Won't Back Down star, who has two daughters, revealed she used be very judgmental when she saw mothers out and about in public.
I admit that I am judgmental about the way churchgoers dress ("Clothes don't make the Mass," Sounding Board, July).
4 million in judgmental provisions in H1 2012 in the face of a challenging operating environment and weakening outlook but profits from international operations grew by 44 per cent YoY, while increasing the stake in Boubyan Bankopens new growth prospects in Islamic banking.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-15 August 2008-Britons least judgmental when viewing personal content online, 1&1 reports(C)1994-2008 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
Perhaps Mr Rhys hasn't realised it, but in writing his letter he has been judgmental on the two members of clergy from St David's Diocese and Mr Stephen Green of Christian Voice.
Yet, the same London-based, or perhaps biased, media that often writes about the difference a single Drogma, Rooney or Fabregas makes to the three teams now so obviously out of sight of Liverpool, failed to be judgmental towards Chelski, which was statistically in a similar position.
However, when compared side by side to statistical models for the purpose of portfolio analysis, both bureau and judgmental scoring have been proven to be far less predictive.
In addition to her role as Rose Caffee in the Showtime series "Brotherhood," she played Felicity Huffman's judgmental mother in "Transamerica," Mark Wahlberg's foster mother in "Four Brothers" and also had memorable parts in "Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood" and "The Others.