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1. Of, relating to, or dependent on judgment: a judgmental error.
2. Inclined to make judgments, especially moral or personal ones: a marriage counselor who tries not to be judgmental.

judg·men′tal·ly adv.


in a judgmental manner
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The father looked at me judgmentally from behind his beard while his very covered up wife and a little girl continued to sleep soundly.
Etta is the primary provider of this relief, as she is portrayed as kindly innocent rather than judgmentally naive.
1) Although we welcome the letter authors' interpretation of the evidence we presented, it would have been beyond the scope of our academic work to write judgmentally about our participants, using terminology such as "defection of medical duty.
At her most thought-provoking when writing of the corrosive and destructive power of Tumblr and Facebook, which the teenagers initially use as a supportive tool, Oseman explores very powerfully social media's judgmentally unregulated effect on young people unable to limit its power.
For entities with numerous journal entries, using Microsoft Excel or--better yet--data extraction software (such as IDEA or ACL) might be helpful in selecting items for testing on a nonsampling basis judgmentally.
Statistical agencies sometimes judgmentally adjust extreme observations due to specific weather events before applying their seasonal adjustment procedures.
He is also a member of the Council of Sex Education and Parenthood ( International), an organisation that believes in embracing all forms of sexuality non- judgmentally.
We knew these tutors needed these different perspectives in order to recognize how judgmentally they were behaving and in order to swap out insensitivity and arrogance for empathy.
This might serve as a starting point, or an anchor, for judgmentally developing prediction internals for n-step-ahead forecasts.
The Air Force demonstrated this in 2010 when we judgmentally sampled 180 aircraft to support our military equipment assertion.
Whilst I do not usually shout this from the roof tops or force my beliefs (or lack of them in this case) upon others, I think it's important to mention it here, so Um Ali, even though she has never met me, can judgmentally tear apart my character and way of life.
GAO judgmentally selected 10 beneficiaries and found that they were doctor shopping for prescription drugs.