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Noun1.judiciousness - good judgment
sagaciousness, sagacity, discernment, judgement, judgment - the mental ability to understand and discriminate between relations
care, forethought, precaution, caution - judiciousness in avoiding harm or danger; "he exercised caution in opening the door"; "he handled the vase with care"
indiscreetness, injudiciousness - lacking good judgment
2.judiciousness - the trait of forming opinions by distinguishing and evaluating
wisdom, wiseness - the trait of utilizing knowledge and experience with common sense and insight
سَدادَة الرأي، حَصافَه


(dʒuˈdiʃəs) adjective
showing wisdom and good sense. a judicious choice of words.
juˈdiciously adverb
juˈdiciousness noun
References in classic literature ?
It was his chief solace and satisfaction to alleviate individual distress, to confer favours upon worthy ones who had need of succour, to dazzle unfortunates by unexpected and bewildering gifts of truly royal magnificence, bestowed, however, with wisdom and judiciousness.
I agree that the discretion to appoint a person as an advocate general of the province of having a stature and qualification to be appointed a judge of the high court, is to be exercised with judiciousness, transparency and other aspects resting with general prudence encompassing the actual sense of suitability of selection,' the observation read.
Knowledge is practical as it translates the noble and pro-social human characteristics of truth, judiciousness, goodness and morality into practice.
Issues can be better discussed and resolved when sobriety and judiciousness are exercised in pursuit of the highest public good,' Poe said.
Hosts of online realms may strive to institute patterns of politeness or to use legitimate judiciousness (Schwieler and Magrini, 2015) as an instrument of troll handling, where users may be adopting online discourteousness.
The marriage between Charles and Diana was unhappy virtually from the outset, so Smith claims and, I think, establishes with great judiciousness.
Save Krunal (47 off 38 balls), who watched helplessly from the other end, none of the MI batsmen showed judiciousness expected on the grand stage.
The importance of this judiciousness is particularly true when assessing Pyongyang's threat rhetoric surrounding its provocations, as there is no statistical evidence connecting the threats to actual kinetic attacks.
Geneina told journalists after the session, that he respects the judiciousness of the verdict even if it was against him.
Such an African knowledge culture acknowledges the necessity to develop the ability to grasp the fundamentals of indigenous African cultures and other cultures by way of adopting and living out what I call a postmodern dis-position, which attests to what Burbules (1995) refers to as a sense of plurality, a sense of pragmatism, a sense of fallibility and a sense of judiciousness.
Qasd in this particular context means judiciousness, prudence, thriftiness, moderation, temperance and frugality in the disposal of wealth.
The different branches have distinct powers and qualities (energy, deliberation, judiciousness, etc.