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(Anatomy) of or relating to the zygomatic bone
(Anatomy) Also called: jugal bone another name for zygomatic bone
[C16: from Latin jugālis of a yoke, from jugum a yoke]


(ˈdʒu gəl)

of or pertaining to the cheek or the cheekbone.
[1590–1600; < Latin jugālis=jug(um) yoke + -ālis -al1]
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In classical Indian music, there is a concept called jugal bandi -- a duet -- performed by two artistes.
Tenders are invited for Construction of bt road from gumansingh house to govind gufa via jugal mali house in ward no.
Jugal Hansraj says he enjoys directing more than acting, and wants to bring the world of his self-authored children's book Cross Connection - The Big Circus Adventure to the big screen via an animated film.
Senior BJP leader and MP Jugal Kishore Sharma welcomed the move by the centre.
The programme includes a dance performance by Sheema Kermani, a performance by Ustad Hamid Ali Khan and a Jugal Bandi of tabla player Ustad Bashir Khan and sitar player Ustad Nafees Khan.
Later, Sitar duo Murad Ali Khan and Fateh Ali Khan enthralled the audience with a Jugal Bandi, along with renowned Tabla player Dr.
In Division I, Danny Walker (2) and Jugal Thupa netted as Britannia beat Steeton Reserves 3-1.
The congress member of Legislative Council and former Minister Jugal Kishore Sharma tabled a resolution in the Upper House on Monday saying the government should prevail upon the Shri Vaishno Devi Shrine Board to evolve a system that the goddess can rest for some time during the day.
ningun nino ni lalva deben jugal a matalse unos a otlosy"
State BJP chief and Member of Parliament Jugal Kishore Sharma said his party was not even consulted before the decision was taken.