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 (jo͞o′gāt′, -gĭt)
1. Relating to a pinnate leaf with leaflets in pairs. Often used in combination: trijugate leaves.
2. Appearing as a pair of overlapping profiles that face the same direction. Used of busts or heads on the face of a coin.
A campaign button with portraits of both the presidential and vice-presidential candidates.

[Latin iugātus, past participle of iugāre, to join, from iugum, yoke; see yeug- in Indo-European roots.]


(ˈdʒuːɡeɪt; -ɡɪt)
(Botany) (esp of compound leaves) having parts arranged in pairs
[C19: from New Latin jugātus (unattested), from Latin jugum a yoke]


(ˈdʒu geɪt, -gɪt)

1. having the leaflets in pairs, as a pinnate leaf.
2. having a jugum.
[1885–90; < Latin jug(um) yoke + -ate1]
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In a private sale a few years ago, a 1-1/4-inch Cox and Roosevelt jugate went for a reported $135,000.
Also noteworthy are the Three Stooges collectibles, Roosevelt -- Truman Jugate campaign buttons and an 1860 Abraham Lincoln "White House Campaign Token.