jump in

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w>jump in

vihineinspringen; (fig)eingreifen; jump in! (to car) → steig ein!; (at swimming pool etc) → spring rein!
References in classic literature ?
Moreover, as if perceiving at last that if he should give undiluted conscientious advice to Pip, he would be leaving him too wide a margin to jump in for the future; Stubb suddenly dropped all advice, and concluded with a peremptory command, Stick to the boat, Pip, or by the Lord, I wont pick you up if you jump; mind that.
Birthday jump-ins are a good way to involve lots of players: Everyone chants the months ('January, February, March', and so on) and players jump in when their birthday month is called.
com today released new statistics revealing a large jump in nationwide trade-ins from the weeks preceding and during the S4's in-store arrival.
electric cooperative, has seen a significant jump in the amount of theft taking place at its substations.