jump suit

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also jump suit (jŭmp′so͞ot′)
1. A parachutist's uniform.
2. A one-piece garment consisting of a blouse or shirt with attached slacks or sometimes shorts. Also called jumper.

jump suit



(Clothing & Fashion) a one-piece garment of combined trousers and jacket or shirt
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Noun1.jump suit - one-piece garment fashioned after a parachutist's uniformjump suit - one-piece garment fashioned after a parachutist's uniform
garment - an article of clothing; "garments of the finest silk"
2.jump suit - one-piece uniform worn by parachutists
uniform - clothing of distinctive design worn by members of a particular group as a means of identification

jump suit

ntuta intera
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My Instructor, Steve Bartels gave me a jump suit to put over my clothes.
But this bandeau jump suit is one of our favourites.
And yet, to disprove that theory, she doesn't look too hot in this jump suit which does not look too far removed from something you would take the rubbish to the tip in.
You might think it sounds ridiculous but I received a phone call from Lady Ga-Ga's management - they've seen my designs for the tripe and onion jump suit and chamber pot helmet and want me to be her Chief Designer
A transition from the jump suit, you can take inspiration from models Alexa Chung or Jameela Jamil and work it your way.
The actress, who looked beautiful in the Orange Alexander and the queen jump suit, said that the film industry is very competitive, where everyone is special and gifted with something different.
I've already started working out and doing various movement exercises to get myself limbered up for that all-important jump suit with balls on it, otherwise known as motion-capture.
Austrian fashion journalist Bruno traverses the world in a mission to become the most famous man from his homeland since Adolf Hitler - cue his purchase of an African orphan, appearance on US chat show, and destroying a Milan fashion show in a velcro jump suit
Maybe you and I wouldn't look that good in a jump suit as a fly-boy.
KAISERSLAUTERN, Germany - If putting on a white sequinned jump suit, sunglasses, slicking back your hair, and parading around Europe with friends as roving Elvis impersonators wasn't enough to open Pat Ryan to ridicule, he went one step further.
Black short jump suit, pounds 32' gold necklaces, pounds 18 & pounds 15, both Marks & Spencer.