jumping-off point

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Noun1.jumping-off point - a beginning from which an enterprise is launched; "he uses other people's ideas as a springboard for his own"; "reality provides the jumping-off point for his illusions"; "the point of departure of international comparison cannot be an institution but must be the function it carries out"
commencement, start, beginning - the act of starting something; "he was responsible for the beginning of negotiations"
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Wilner and Rappoport use coverage of the 2014 season as a jumping-off point to provide a thorough history of the NFL draft.
NSBI's assistance is a good jumping-off point to grow our sales team and enhance our marketing programs in order to increase sales," said Scott Murray, president and CEO of ClearPicture.
A beautifully structured sunflower drawing of one of O'Keeffe's sunflower paintings will be the jumping-off point for participants as they are coached to create their own sunflower pastel painting.
However, Sewing Stylish Handbags & Totes by Choly Knight provides a great jumping-off point for the addictive hobby of handbag sewing, taking you far beyond the basic quilting-cotton tote bag.
The 12 chapters presented here present recent research on the phenomena of FISs in an effort to both provide a current picture of the state of knowledge on these systems and to provide a jumping-off point for future researchers.
With a combination of profiles and trend stories, we'll also view the Spring edition as a jumping-off point to determine some of the coming year's more anticipated creative collaborations, technological innovations and music-driven events and confabs, such as ASCAP's "I Create Music" EXPO.
Our 'No Boundaries' series is a jumping-off point into wide open spaces and creativity in brewing, without the confines of seasons, weather patterns or holidays," says Dylan McDonald, No-Li's National Sales Manager.
Kim employs this historical moment as a jumping-off point from which to explore questions of ethnicity, faith, and immigrant identity.
They now see their work as a jumping-off point for studies focusing on the most prevalent causes of death in large breeds.
I've been a couple of times to the jumping-off point, but I didn't kill myself.
The show follows the adventures of four friends who hang out at the For The Win cafe - a jumping-off point for some cheerfully surreal and only mildly rude sketches.
Our jumping-off point for both clusters is Mu ([mu]) Sagittarii, a 3.