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If joy and loyalty were a junctural link uniting nationally oriented choir activists with the party leadership, then a second element was the cohesion of emotions and ideas that would result from learning to sing and singing in a choir among members of workers' collectives: a "choral collective brings people much closer.
The line ending and the fixed caesura at the sixth syllable act as junctural punctuations, both scanning and managing metrical and syntactic (phrasal) articulations.
In addition, due to their weak junctural boundaries, less parsable affixes are increasingly opaque and may incur being re-analysed as part of the stem (Caballero 2010).
NNA - Caretaker Labor Minister Boutros Harb affirmed on Thursday that Doha accord is nothing more than a junctural agreement signed to rescue Lebanon of the past security and constitutional crisis.
Reece concentrates on junctural metanalysis, the ways in which the beginnings or endings of words are dropped or elided with surrounding words to create a new pronunciation.
162-163, 175) that by deriving all reduplication, even total reduplication, by correspondence, BRCT predicts apparently unattested opacity effects like the following hypothetical examples: /bihan-RED/ [right arrow] biham-biham (overcopying of an internal junctural assimilation) or /tapan-RED-la/ [right arrow] tapal-tapal-la (overcopying of an external junctural assimilation).
It can be concluded that iprus and iptaras are not different, inside the chain, as far as their tense values are concerned, but rather in their junctural features, viz.
A world traveler, the wandering magus figure, like Prospero or Pericles, modeled on Gower's Appolonius of Tyre, Egeon is encoded primarily within a schema of the junctural emotion of a hapless, hopeless woe.
Mostly these were units that made a kind of grammatical and semantic sense together but this could change if there were hesitation markers or other junctural markers that seemed meaningful.
33) It remains unclear whether the two readings would have been automatically distinguished in speech (by prosodic or junctural features), and hence unclear whether Apollonius has in mind homographs alone (in scriptura continua), or ambiguities in both media, spoken and written alike.
Lambdin, "The Junctural Origin of the West Semitic Definite Article," in Near Eastern Studies in Honor of William Foxwell Albright, ed.
Members of word pairs shared affixes and were matched for the probability of the junctural phonotactics, the stress pattern and syllable count, and the surface frequency of the derived form.