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A clause attached to an affidavit, in which a notary or legally authorized officer attests to the fact that the affidavit was made under oath.

[Middle English, informant under oath, member of a ruling body of a city, from Anglo-Norman, member of a ruling body of a city, from Medieval Latin iūrātus, juror, from past participle of Latin iūrāre, to swear; see jury1.]


1. (Law) law a statement at the foot of an affidavit, naming the parties, stating when, where, and before whom it was sworn, etc
2. (Law) (in England) a municipal officer of the Cinque Ports, having a similar position to that of an alderman
3. (Law) (in France and the Channel Islands) a magistrate
[C16: from Medieval Latin jūrātus one who has been sworn, from Latin jūrāre to swear]


(ˈdʒʊər æt)

1. a certificate on an affidavit showing by whom, when, and before whom it was sworn to.
2. a sworn officer; a magistrate.
[1400–50; late Middle English < Medieval Latin jūrātus sworn man]
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Although no accurate data is available, Ministry of Refugees and Repartition spokesman Islamuddin Jurat says: "From the end of 2005 to 2012 around 9,000 Afghans have died on the way to Australia alone.
The Governor called upon residents of Homs Old City and Jurat al-Shayah who desire to check on their properties to consult al-Hamidiyeh Police Station at Governorate HQ.
The source pointed out that members of an armed militant group were killed in the area between al-Khalediyeh and al-Zara villages, while army units inflicted heavy losses upon militants in operations against their gatherings near al-Walid Compound in Jurat al-Shayyah, Souk, al-Jaj and al-Qussour neighborhoods in the city of Homs.
At the 2011 natural gas conference in Houston the CEO of Jurat Software, Aaron Goldwater, gave a presentation on the subject of data mining and stakeholder intelligence.
Al-Ma'asara Popular Struggle Committee includes also other 7 villages of the area -- Wadi Rahhal, Khalled al Haddad, Wadi an Nis, Jurat ash Sham'a, Marah Ma'alla, Umm Salamuna - concerning about 9000 inhabitants.
An activist in Homs told AFP via Skype that many civilians remained trapped in the shelling of the Jurat al-Shiah, Khaldiyeh and Old City neighbourhoods of Syria s third-largest city.
The court further observed that even if a an attachment to the defendants' motions was intended to meet the requirements of the rules, the attachment was unsigned, contained no jurat, thus, falling far short of even remotely meeting the requirements of an affidavit.
He added that Paltel complained to the MTIT that Israel was preventing it from laying fibre to about 10 villages, including Jurat ash Sham'a, Wadi Al-Nees, Umm Salamuna, Al-Ma'sarah, Marah Moa'la and Khirbet Alhaddadah, which are close to Israeli settlements in the West Bank.
A taxpayer, when signing the jurat on the tax return, swears under penalties of perjury that the tax return is true, accurate, and complete.
Imagine how many businesses could be lost because of the ban," said Jurat Hamiti, a 30-year-old businessman.
Aherrahrou Z, Axtner SB, Kaczmarek PM, Jurat A, Korff S, Doehring LC, et al.
This bill provides that a notarial act is evidenced by the affixing of a notary seal to a document accompanied by a written certificate or jurat.