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 (jo͝o-rĭd′ĭ-kəl) also ju·rid·ic (-ĭk)
Of or relating to the law and its administration.

[From Latin iūridicus : iūs, iūr-, law; see yewes- in Indo-European roots + dīcere, dic-, to say; see deik- in Indo-European roots.]

ju·rid′i·cal·ly adv.


(dʒʊˈrɪdɪkəl) or


(Law) of or relating to law, to the administration of justice, or to the office or function of a judge; legal
[C16: from Latin jūridicus, from iūs law + dicere to say]
juˈridically adv


(dʒʊˈrɪd ɪ kəl)

also ju•rid′ic,

1. of or pertaining to the administration of justice.
2. of or pertaining to law or jurisprudence; legal.
[1495–1505; < Latin jūridiciālis]
ju•rid′i•cal•ly, adv.


Belonging to the law, a judge, or the administration of justice.
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Adj.1.juridical - of or relating to the law or jurisprudence; "juridical days"
2.juridical - relating to the administration of justice or the function of a judge; "judicial system"


[dʒʊəˈrɪdɪkəl] ADJjurídico


adj (of law)juristisch; (of court)gerichtlich
References in classic literature ?
We want to give the Senate new juridical powers, but we have no laws.
Undoubtedly," it will be said, "religious, moral, philosophical and juridical ideas have been modified in the course of historical development.
Former DSP Malir City Qamar Ahmed Sheikh, was brought in a protocol to the ATC today where the administrative judge of the court remanded him to juridical custody.
The court said the group is a juridical entity and should not be given a permit to hold cockfights.
The company from whom the shares were acquired is a juridical corporation not related to RRHI.
The new volume in Italian of Claudia Di Fonzo (Dante and the Juridical Tradition) is a significantly revised version of her book--on the same subject--entitled Dante tra diritto, teologia ed esegesi antica [Dante between jurisprudence, theology and ancient exegesis] (published in 2012; see the recension in English of the undersigned in Quaderni d'Italianistica, Vol.
The legal information transforms itself into juridical noise because of various reasons : a) the provisions are ambiguous to begin with b) the legislative techniques were badly used; c) there are no regulations to explain how the new law should apply; d) the medium through which the legal message travels is faulty and corrupts the information.
Denis to my previous letter about capital punishment displaces a landmark of juridical reasoning we should all be engaged in resetting for this and future generations.
37 of 1992 and its amendments, the owner of a trademark can include: (i) national natural or juridical persons carrying out any commercial, industrial, handicraft or services activity; (ii) foreign natural or juridical persons carrying out any commercial, industrial, handicraft or services activity in the State, (iii) foreign natural or juridical persons carrying out any commercial, industrial, handicraft or services activity in any country which treats the State according to the reciprocity principle and (v) public juridical persons.
Justice Muhammad Kamran Khan accepted the pre arrest bail applications of both the accused in fraudulent and tempering in juridical record case.
The court concludes that the fundamental right to marry, as recognized by the Supreme Court in Obergefell, has not been incorporated to the juridical reality of Puerto Rico," concluded the ruling signed by U.
Using import permits of persons, natural, juridical or entities without juridical personality other than those specifically named in the permit;