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But juries are frequently influenced by the opinions of judges.
Typically grand juries side with prosecutors against young African-Americans when they are suspected of committing crimes and rule against them when they fall victims to police brutality.
The Supreme Court ruling sends a message to the lower courts that juries, not judges, must determine facts that justify harsher prison sentences.
Yvernes was right: the seemingly erratic verdicts of the juries meant that the law was not applied equitably to all defendants.
It also includes coverage of the American criminal jury system, jury representativeness, death penalty judgments, DNA, an analysis of jury size, hung juries, jury instruction on damage awards, punitive damages, jury competence, story-mediated models of jury decision making in civil litigation, case studies of pre- and mid-trial prejudice in criminal and civil litigation, and the jury deliberation process.
Tim Cavanaugh was spot on in calling his diatribe against juries a rant ("Run Away, Jury
To help students understand how the jury system works and why juries are increasingly the subject of public and media scrutiny.
The story was full of tales claiming to illustrate Americans' overarching sense of legal entitlement and desire to "win a jackpot from a system that allows sympathetic juries to award plaintiffs not just real damages .
These disappointments have serious consequences--they translate into mixed-up jurors, dead-locked juries, or acquittals.