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A person learned in law; a jurist.

[Latin iūriscōnsultus : iūris, genitive of iūs, law; see yewes- in Indo-European roots + cōnsultus, skilled, past participle of cōnsulere, to take counsel.]


1. (Law) a person qualified to advise on legal matters
2. (Law) a master of jurisprudence
[C17: from Latin jūris consultus; see jus, consult]


(ˌdʒʊər ɪs kənˈsʌlt, -ˈkɒn sʌlt)

1. a person authorized to give legal advice.
2. a master of the civil law. Abbr.: J.C.
[1595–1605; < Latin jūris consultus one skilled in the law]
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The customs of the provostship and the viscomty had not yet been worked over by President Thibaut Baillet, and by Roger Barmne, the king's advocate; they had not been obstructed, at that time, by that lofty hedge of quibbles and procedures, which the two jurisconsults planted there at the beginning of the sixteenth century.
Hassan Nasrallah, Hezbollah's current leader, described the group at a basic level and identified "two main axis": "firstly, a belief in the rule by the just jurisconsult and adherence to Khomeini's leadership; and secondly, the continued need to struggle against the Israeli enemy.
The group also agreed to ask President Duterte 'to fill up existing national offices intended for Muslims which remain vacant although there are qualified Muslims who can truly perform the functions of said offices like: the Presiding Justice and two Associate Justices of the Shari'ah Appellate Court, and the Jurisconsult in Islamic Law and Jurisprudence.
Mavani observes that Ali Prophet's son-in-law and the first official male convert to Islam, the fourth caliph, recognized by Shi'a as the first Imam and the rightful successor of the Prophet--considered his power as a caliph to be based on people's support (bay'a), which means that even a jurisconsult (wali al-faqih) who derived his authority from the infallible Imam, thus legitimizing his power, he believed he should obey the people's will.
The parliamentarians began the examination of the 23 recommendations contained in this report by hearing the Ethics Commissioner and the jurisconsult of the National Assembly.
Indeed, Leoni uses the Roman law made by the jurisconsults and English common law essentially interchangeably as an analytical matter, so that the structure he uses in describing Roman law developed by the jurisconsult is essentially the same one that Hayek later identifies as distinctive in the common-law process under the English common law.
He was jurisconsult at the Sofia Municipality and in 2010 he headed the Privatization and Post-Privatization Control Agency.
Imam al-Nawawi wrote a long introduction (8) to al-Majmu, a wonderful summary of what every teacher and student needs to know as well as every jurisconsult (mufti (9)) and questioner (mustafti (10)).
Hamid Mavani, "Khomeini's Concept of Governance of the Jurisconsult
1258/1842) was a distinguished Hanafi jurisconsult from Damascus, whose best known work is his commentary on al-Durr al-mukhtar of al-Haskafi (d.
He is the mujtahid (2) Imam, the great jurisconsult of 'Iraq, Abu 'Abdullah Muhammad b.