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1. Law The right of a court to hear a particular case, based on the scope of its authority over the type of case and the parties to the case.
a. Authority or control: islands under US jurisdiction; a bureau with jurisdiction over Native American affairs.
b. The extent of authority or control: a family matter beyond the school's jurisdiction.
3. The territorial range of authority or control.

[Middle English jurisdiccioun, from Old French juridicion, from Latin iūrisdictiō, iūrisdictiōn- : iūris, genitive of iūs, law; see yewes- in Indo-European roots + dictiō, dictiōn-, declaration (from dictus, past participle of dīcere, to say; see deik- in Indo-European roots).]

ju′ris·dic′tion·al adj.
ju′ris·dic′tion·al·ly adv.
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Adj.1.jurisdictional - restricted to the geographic area under a particular jurisdiction; "the jurisdictional limits of a state"
territorial - belonging to the territory of any state or ruler; "territorial rights"


[ˌdʒʊərɪsˈdɪkʃənl] ADJ (US) [dispute, rights] → jurisdiccional
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The first is an overview of certain canonical features of jurisdictional law--court rulings, jurisdictional rules, and doctrines--that can structure--though also frustrate--attempts to invoke the power of federal courts.
According to the press release, Adalah said that In a letter sent on August 9 to senior Israeli officials it demanded that they cancel or alter the mandate of the Interior Ministry's "borders committee" charged with determining the jurisdictional boundaries of Israeli settlements in the West Bank.
The Existing Approaches to Jurisdictional Discovery
Creating an Indigenous Jurisdictional Dispute Process
Earlier research on government associations has established that it is important to identify the jurisdictional component of their policy requests (Cammisa 1995).
Supreme Court recently issued a unanimous ruling that an approved jurisdictional determination by the U.
If approved, the DTSA's jurisdictional grant will (a) re-shape the timing and strategy for both plaintiffs and defendants in trade secret litigation; (b) provide supplemental jurisdiction for traditional state law claims that often accompany trade secret disputes; and (c) create parallel state and federal bodies of trade secret law, with the potential for divergent doctrines.
The judge signing the decision agreed with DolarToday that the court didn't have jurisdictional authority to consider the issue.
The difference between jurisdictional and nonjurisdictional requirements is subtle but important.
Far from being concentrated in a centralized state, they collectively argue, sovereign power in early modern Europe was highly fragmented into a range of different jurisdictional orders organized along lines of territory, religion, trade, social class, and so on.
For courts to find a statutory requirement jurisdictional, Congress must have clearly said so.
In his book, Michail Vagias argues for an expansive interpretation of this jurisdictional grant.