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Versed in jurisprudence.

[Late Latin iūrisprūdentia, jurisprudence; see jurisprudence + -al.]

ju′ris·pru·den′tial·ly adv.
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Adj.1.jurisprudential - relating to the science or philosophy of law or a system of laws
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In addition, the use of some suggested jurisprudential values of innocent party acquittals and guilty party convictions further increases the probability that the hypothetical rule of exclusion is socially desirable and the current rule is not.
Clear thinking and hardworking, Lazare loves his people but also respects the British sense of honor and jurisprudential tradition.
Williams writes from the perspective of critical race theory, a jurisprudential innovation which critiques both conservative and liberal views on race matters.
The chief justice dealt in similar fashion with two of the court's other recent forfeiture decisions, saying the lower courts had misunderstood them as creating a ``radical jurisprudential shift.
The Maryland Armco Export decision is potentially more dangerous because it attempts to establish a new hard-and-fast principle, nexus attribution through unitary relationships, without any reference to legal precedent or jurisprudential reasoning.
Kenenbaev graduated from the Kyrgyz State National University in 1973 and has led a successful career as one of the top jurisprudential experts in Kyrgyzstan.
According to the IIFA's general-secretary, Khaled Babacar, this year's event will deal with some major jurisprudential issues, including those concerning sukuk (Islamic bonds), hedging in financial transactions and fixing responsibility on motorists involved in rash driving.
While the Kemalists took their inspiration from their distorted understanding of the Enlightenment, modernity and the West, the Kemalo-Islamists have their ulama to provide them with ideological and jurisprudential sustenance through private, if not secret, fatwas.
Consulting activities consist of jurisprudential research reports judgments and interpretations, prior analyzes dispute case in order to examine the chances of success of an action before the Court of Cassation and the Council of State .
The two-day conference will feature sessions discussing the legal and jurisprudential framework of Sukuk, the legal system for trading and issuing Sukuk, practical realities, recent draft laws, supervision and control, and the settlement of disputes in the Sukuk industry.
The jurisprudential studies committee in the Islamic studies congregation affiliated to Al-Azhar has twice refused the law as it was deemed harmful to the economy and the country's national security.
Since our first call for papers, nearly five years ago, The Journal Jurisprudence has sought out and cultivated alternative formats for the expression of jurisprudential discourses.