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Versed in jurisprudence.

[Late Latin iūrisprūdentia, jurisprudence; see jurisprudence + -al.]

ju′ris·pru·den′tial·ly adv.
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Adj.1.jurisprudential - relating to the science or philosophy of law or a system of laws
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Among the topics are zoning: classic to contemporary, constitutional and jurisprudential limits on land use controls, revitalizing the urban core, from sprawl to sustainability: growth management and smart growth, and controlling the use of ecologically sensitive lands.
BAHAWALPUR -- Two-day workshop on the topic of 'Intersect Harmony in the Light of Paigham-e-Pakistan to mitigate clashes of Jurisprudential Definition and Interpretation' in collaboration of Higher Education Commission, Ministry of Religious Affairs and Bargad Organization for Youth Development would be held at Department of Islamic Studies of the Islamia University of Bahawalpur.
UPLC warned that the current text of the bill containing such 'broad and ambiguous language will most likely result in the same confusion as Article 36 does and will, consequently, be in need of 'statutory and jurisprudential parameters.
Based on a jurisprudential rule of the Guardians Council, buildings that are under private ownership are not governed by cultural heritage regulations, therefore, the Administrative Justice Court voted for its elimination from the list," Esmaili said.
The Court of Appeals clearly disregarded jurisprudential parameters in the determination of the existence of probable causeIn finding no probable cause to arrest Reyes, the CA unfortunately conducted a fragmented analysis of the evidence before it, isolating each piece of evidence and concluding that it alone does not prove probable cause," Calida's motion read.
those who are interested in the jurisprudential, judicial and literary
Paul's, the good "rabbi" would share the insights of his brilliant jurisprudential mind with Jacobean England's intelligentsia; here, the Inner Temple legalist argued over bitters with the playwright Ben Jonson (who called his friend the "Monarch of Letters"), or heard from William Strachey about the dramatic crash of the Sea Adventurer off the coast of Bermuda.
Benten pointed out that this complex will help the scholars of the nation to devise many jurisprudential rules that constitute a reference for the people in their transactions and behavior, as well as a scientific beacon in moral guidance through scientific and institutional works to glorify youths' imitating of their Prophet.
SSB's rulings of standard products and the jurisprudential or other bases of such rulings must be made available for the customers and the general public by publishing it online and in the annual report.
Therefore, everything in a Muslim's life submits to and are gauged against these five jurisprudentially rulings, such that whatever comes to one 's mind always has a jurisprudential verdict in Islam.
The two-day conference will discuss a number of the most important jurisprudential and legal issues related to the governance with the participation of a group of prominent specialists in these topics.