jus gentium

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jus gen·ti·um

 (yo͞os gĕn′tē-əm, jŭs jĕn′shē-əm)
The law of nations; international law.

[Latin iūs gentium : iūs, law + gentium, genitive pl. of gēns, nation.]

jus gentium

(Law) Roman law those rules of law common to all nations

in′terna′tional law′

the body of rules that nations generally recognize as binding in their conduct toward one another.
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Trump's Nazism-cum-unilateralism not only poses challenge to the UN's soft power writ or jus gentium, but it also poses challenge to the survival of US moral legacy.
260) no qual defende a tese de que o jus gentium, propugnado por Vitoria, e fundado numa ordem axiologica objetiva e institucional, nao teria exercido influencia imediata nos seus colegas de Salamanca.
Among the topics are human rights adjudication as transnational adjudication: a peripheral case of domestic courts as international law adjudicators, subsequent treaty practice: the work of the International Law Commission, fragmented feminisms: critical feminist thinking in the post-millennium era, the ideological structure of the early jus gentium and its implications for the current debate about normative hierarchy and public policy in the international community, and engaging visual are as a tool for normative renewal in international human rights: the case of Ariella Azoulay's Potential History (2012).
The Jus gentium was distinguishable from the civil law because the
law and private international law (also known as jus gentium privatum).
The rules established by a given state for its own members are peculiar to itself, and are called jus civile; the rules constituted by natural reason for all are observed by all nations alike, and are called jus gentium.
A excecao de Suarez e Grocio (pode incluir-se entre estes dois, nao sem controversias, Vitoria e, possivelmente, Vazques de Menchaca e Gentili), o conceito de jus gentium dos autores da tradicao da guerra justa nao equivale a um direito entre os povos, mas a um direito nacional comum, e ainda se encontraria imerso na orbita romana de Ulpiano--mencionada a seguir.
International law for humankind; towards a new jus gentium.
The period of universal law, the so-called jus gentium that originally dealt exclusively with aliens and subjects who did not possess Roman citizenship.
It seemingly conflicts with the sentiments of the recently decided Australian Federal Court decision of Habib, where the Act of State doctrine was displaced by the Court's high regard for torture as a jus gentium norm.