jus gentium

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jus gen·ti·um

 (yo͞os gĕn′tē-əm, jŭs jĕn′shē-əm)
The law of nations; international law.

[Latin iūs gentium : iūs, law + gentium, genitive pl. of gēns, nation.]

jus gentium

(Law) Roman law those rules of law common to all nations

in′terna′tional law′

the body of rules that nations generally recognize as binding in their conduct toward one another.
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law and private international law (also known as jus gentium privatum).
International law for humankind; towards a new jus gentium.
The period of universal law, the so-called jus gentium that originally dealt exclusively with aliens and subjects who did not possess Roman citizenship.
May's next task is to situate this concept of humane treatment, and the importance of honor and mercy, within the natural law tradition that governed the jus gentium or laws of peoples.
He claimed jus gentium, which is the Latin term for 'the law of nations', over the sea fort and named it Sealand.