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 (jŭs′tə-fĭ-kā′tĭv) also jus·tif·i·ca·to·ry (jŭ-stĭf′ĭ-kə-tôr′ē)
Serving as justification.


(ˈdʒʌstɪfɪˌkeɪtərɪ; -trɪ) or


serving as justification or capable of justifying; vindicatory


(dʒʌˈstɪf ɪ kəˌtɔr i, -ˌtoʊr i, ˈdʒʌs tə fɪˌkeɪ tə ri)

also jus′ti•fi•ca`tive,

providing justification.
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Adj.1.justificatory - attempting to justify or defend in speech or writing
apologetic, excusatory - offering or expressing apology; "an apologetic note"; "an apologetic manner"
2.justificatory - providing justification
exculpatory - clearing of guilt or blame
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The loser and his party are making justificatory statements, skirting the fringes of the issue.
It also has a normative quality, that is to say, justificatory content.
In particular, the justificatory discourse finds four key themes that emerge in the presidential discourses, which are tracked across the case studies and point to the fundamental driving force in US motivations for going to war.
Antonio Tabucchi, in his justificatory note about writing For Isabel, recalls a monk who, by sprinkling colored powder on stone, made a mandala of human consciousness.
9) Empiricism, the belief that experience and evidence are essential to validating knowledge, has thus emerged as the dominant mode of justificatory reasoning in copyright circles--suggesting that rationalist theories have little to offer.
In his discussion, Eberle focuses narrowly on the justificatory and motivational core of just war theory.
Among his perspectives are conceptual tools for assessing limitations upon the exercise of human rights, the formation of a generic justificatory framework for assessing external limits upon any fundamental right or defense right, and implied external limits upon the accused's rights to effective participation in his trial and to be presumed innocent.
My starting assumption is that to understand the historical foundation of justificatory theories of FoE, one may need to investigate the origin of power and its nature because throughout human history power has been a major, if not the only, reason behind whatever that has happened to all forms of freedom, including FoE.
But the argument also raises a new set of justificatory challenges, associated with demonstrating the legitimacy of the authority that is wielded through these international legal institutions.
Several of the contributions to this issue of Reason Papers grapple with the difficult justificatory and methodological issues involved in ethics.
The French official said that there would be a move towards generalisation of the sale of only nominative tickets, which would require a justificatory ID if controlled.