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Adv.1.justifiedly - with honesty; "he was rightly considered the greatest singer of his time"
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Bakola: "The use of a boat prop to enact Odysseus's voyage to the island of the Cyclopes is thus entirely in line with the nature of comedy, and has justifiedly found favour with scholars since the first published editions of Cratinus' fragments" (239).
They owe it to the governed to provide what they justifiedly believe or ought to believe is the best governance, just as others with political power owe it to the governed to do the same.
116) At the same time, the prosecutor was justifiedly concerned that the support for the ICC's work would not necessarily last (in fact it did not), and he also thought that the ICC had an important role to play in immediately deterring ongoing crimes in the conflict.
He dismisses the idea that there is any prima facie obligation to obey the law as such, notes libertarians' justifiedly "weak fondness for democracy" (p.
The root of the problem lies in the fact (according to Sutton) that we cannot believe justifiedly that something is the case without knowing at the same time that it is the case.
Uribe and his government has dealt Colombia a painful psychological blow, just as the authorities can justifiedly claim to have made some real progress against those who propagate violence in the country.
Thus, he is justifiedly called the founder of modern Serbian literature.
held noninferentially and justifiedly, but not in common a first principle, without calling it a principle of Common Sense" (pg.
Plainly, you can justifiedly regard me as credible on the topic of whether the speaker lost his temper if you have good reason to believe that I am honest, possess normal acuity and memory, and was reasonably attentive at the time.
For The Living and the Dead he was a National Book Award finalist--and justifiedly so.