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juvenilism, juvenility

Often pejorative. a mode of action or thought characterized by apparent youthfulness. — juvenile, n., adj.
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The result is not only an unassailably auteurist cinema shot through with signature traits, but a cinema that in its narrational complexity counters Dixon's totalizing charge of Hollywood juvenilism.
Quantitative data included here as indicators of relative mesomorphy or xeromorphy of particular woods, and as a way of documenting presence of protracted juvenilism (paedomorphosis).
The rays are Heterogeneous Type IIB of Kribs (1935), with the proportion of upright to procumbent cells varying according to degrees of wood juvenilism.
The degree of juvenilism in wood of Batis is not markedly pronounced, and the wood does not qualify as genuinely paedomorphic.
The relatively tall rays of Tersonia suggest greater juvenilism, but other common indicators of protracted juvenilism (abundance of upright ray cells, absence of storying) are not present.
This may well change as a stem increases in diameter, so more material must be examined before we can say whether or not such juvenilism is present in larger stems as well.
54) Curiously, McGregor's book exhibits all of the main conclusions highlighted by Wiley Lee Umphlett in The Sporting Myth and the American Experience that are common in popular American sporting fiction, presenting "young athletes who are: 1) anti-urban in their basic mindsets and always longing for a return to a simpler life closer to nature; 2) anti-feminine and incapable of coping with women; and 3) victims of a prolonged juvenilism, clinging to memories of youthful glory and rarely attaining enough maturity to grapple with adult problems.
This may be correlated with the relative juvenilism of resedaceous woods.
25c), suggesting that in a number of species, ray histology is transitional to Paedomorphic Type I (Carlquist, 1988); this indicates some degree of protracted juvenilism in ray structure.
This feature is present in species with protracted juvenilism (also termed paedomorphosis, which implies sexual reproduction while in a juvenile state of development).
Heterochrony is the umbrella term for protracted juvenilism and accelerated adulthood.
By foreshortening this developmental sequence, a kind of juvenilism, the phytelephoid palms have heterochronically attained this condition, which is compatible with their wet forest habitats.